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Hello and Welcome to Human-Spirit.
If you currently feel stuck with some kind of emotional, psychological, or even physical problem (be it depression, stress, anxiety, fear, trauma, pain, addiction, or lack of confidence, to name but a few) I can help you.

Back in 2001 I knew what it was like to feel stuck. I'd struggled with a problem for ten years (which had baffled doctors and specialists) until two sessions of hypnotherapy cured me. This prompted me to train as an Advanced Hypnotherapist and since then I've helped hundreds of people just like you to make positive changes and live a happier, more fulfilling life.
Call me now on 0845 450 2326 to take advantage of a FREE Discovery Session
(either in person at one of my offices - in Stowmarket or Colchester - or online via Skype) so you can find out more about how hypnotherapy could help you solve your problem, unlock your potential, and achieve your dreams.

I've also written a mini e-book you can download for free, which points out why we all need to learn more about hypnosis - nature's optimal learning state - and how it could be the key to helping you make lasting changes.

As a therapist specializing in the use of  hypnosis  my job is to get you out of any negative trance you are already in, such as...

Stress and anxiety

Fears, phobias, panic attacks

PTSD, negative memories, abuse, flashbacks

Lack of confidence or self-esteem

Addictions - smoking, binge-drinking, gambling etc.

Weight problems (and eating disorders)

Anger and depression

Sex and relationship issues

Loss of meaning and purpose in life

All of the above symptoms are, indeed, trance states - states of locked attention - resulting in a narrowed view of reality, keeping you stuck in a negative mind-set.

You are already hypnotized!

To find out more about how I can get you out of negative trance states get your FREE Reports or ask me questions in person or via Skype during a FREE Discovery Session

Thomas Moore tells us in his book, 'Care of the Soul' that the above symptoms also show us something else...
"All of these symptoms reflect a loss of soul and let us know what the soul craves. We yearn for entertainment, power, intimacy, sexual fulfillment, and material things, and we think we can find these things if we discover the right relationship or job, the right church or therapy. But without soul, whatever we find will be unsatisfying, for what we truly long for is the soul in each of these areas."

So, as well as using hypnosis to bring about relief (and often complete alleviation) of everyday, common issues, I also use it in creative and generative ways to help you develop your resources and find deeper meaning in your life by re-connecting to the sacred, to your soul - your True Self. Once issues are dealt with you then free up spare brain capacity to unlock your potential and become who you truly are, living a life of purpose.

Ask yourself, "How would my life be different if I was..."

  • No longer depressed or anxious?
  • No longer addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, gaming/computers?
  • More confident and assertive in myself?
  • Living life more authentically, being true to myself?
  • Living a life full of meaning and purpose?

What would you be doing instead?

The thing is that as human beings, especially during the first half of life as we develop our identities and our place in the world, we are driven by the needs of the ego or what might be termed 'the survival-self'. But at some point we start to wake up and ask The Big Questions and begin to realize that what we've been conditioned to believe by our parents, schooling, the media, religion, (or by the way we have interpreted our own life experiences) isn't necessarily the truth. We begin to question our personal stories and yearn for a deeper meaning in our lives. This is the 'soul' that Thomas Moore is talking about. 
The Big Questions I refer to are these...
Who am I?
Does my life have a purpose (and if I feel it doesn't then how do I find it?)
What is missing in my life?
What gives me a sense of meaning?
What is my life for and how am I using my time on this planet?
Do I act and speak authentically (as my True Self) or do I seek to please others with the secret motivation of gaining their approval/keeping the peace/being liked and loved?
Am I living my truth or someone else's?
What happens to 'me' when I die?
Does consciousness survive the physicality of death?
How do I relate to the sacred, to something bigger than myself?
These are all vitally important questions as you begin the journey of unearthing your True Self, your Soul, hidden under layers of ego defences and personas we all adopted to help us get by. But at some point, even though we might have established ourselves in the world (which is mostly just about ego-identity and status) we feel a sense of emptiness, as if we're just pretending or compromising our way through life.
If what we do carries no meaning life will feel pointless. We trudge on day-to-day, hoping for a miracle (i.e. winning the lottery) or at least some kind of false high at the weekends. Then it's Monday again. For many people this is fine, just going round on that treadmill. Some people don't want to wake up or are not even aware that life could be different. (Just walk down any high street and you'll see most people are zombie-like, hypnotized by their phones or lost in some deep emotional problem). For many who are starting to awaken from our personal and cultural trances life has to mean more than this.
At human-spirit, with the use of hypnosis, psychotherapy, coaching and mentoring, my aim is to help you not only work through the problems and challenges of everyday life but also experience a 'gravitational shift' so that your centre of awareness moves away from the demands of the controlling and fear-based ego and toward your True-Authentic-Self. 

I will help you accomplish this in a variety of ways, which will include...

  • helping you develop your innate resources to meet your emotional needs better (more on this here)
  • freeing yourself from your history by turning off faulty pattern-matching in your brain so you no longer respond to situations like you did in the past (this is especially powerful if you suffer from PTSD, phobias, panic attacks, abusive or negative memories or trauma of any kind, and addictive behaviours)
  • developing your capacity to live life more assertively and authentically as your True Self in the here and now (and not be held captive by the desires and fears of the ego/survival-self ) so that you can fulfill your potential and feel that your life has real meaning and purpose
  • And helping you connect to something greater than yourself, be it God, Spirit, Nature, the Oneness, whatever you want to call it. It is by direct experience of this type of connection that your 'centre of gravity' shifts from ego to more enlightened states of awareness or higher states of consciousness. The correct and skillful use of hypnosis and the REM state is a powerful way of achieving this.

As well as my hypnosis page on this site there is much more information
about hypnosis and hypnotherapy on the human-spirit You Tube channel and if you'd like to learn self-hypnosis check out my workshops page for the next date and venue.
I am now also offering Skype psychotherapy sessions. See my fees page for more info and booking your Skype session and you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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Remember, for a limited time only you can speak to me in a FREE Discovery Session and ask any questions you might have. Call me on 0845 450 2326. I look forward to helping you make the changes you desire and become who you are.

  "If you are not living your truth
   you are just pretending."


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