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When hypnotherapy cured my ten-year problem in just two sessions I knew I had found my calling in life. That was nearly twenty years ago.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to make positive life changes using a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and mind-coaching.

And even though my offices in Stowmarket and Colchester are still closed because of the virus, I am still able to help you via online therapy sessions and recorded hypnosis sessions.

There’s also a ‘Care Package’ I’ve put together of 5 hypnosis recordings to help you boost your immune system and deal with the psychological affects of the lockdown. Find out more here.

All the work I do, whether in-person or online aims to help you in three ways…

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If you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, fears, depression, addiction, PTSD and trauma, panic attacks, OCD, relationship issues, sleep problems, low confidence and self-esteem – and a whole lot more – I can help you. Read more here to find out how

When you free yourself from stress and limiting beliefs, you really can unlock your potential and perform so much better in all walks of life.

For example: better work and business performance, public speaking, giving presentations, improved performance in education, tests, exams, sport and the performing arts. Read more here and check out the free hypnosis download below…

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Once freed from the negative conditioning of your past, it’s as if your system is re-booted. You become your True-Self, living and acting authentically.

And from here, with greater awareness and a connection to a bigger reality, you can have direct experiences of pure consciousness, often referred to as God, Spirit or The Tao. Find out more here

A 10-year problem solved

When hypnotherapy cured my ten-year problem something clicked in my brain – THIS IS IT! I knew I had to learn how to do this to help others heal. The universe was calling me!

That powerful experience back in 2001 became the catalyst for my training. Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to make major life changes.

I get up close and personal in my free ebook where I’ll tell you what my problem was and how hypnosis cured me. I’ll explain what hypnosis really is, how it works, and more importantly, how it can help you.

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How my approach is different

My approach may be a lot different than your more traditional hypnotherapist (who might simply ask you to close your eyes and then read a script to you). Although that approach might work for some, I prefer to be more dynamic.

I fuse solution-focused and transpersonal (or spiritual) hypno-psychotherapy together with educational mind-coaching and mentoring – the sort of things we should have been taught in school – to help you to use your brain better and awaken your heart and soul. 

No-obligation free discovery session

I’m offering you a no-obligation Free Discovery Session so you can tell me more about what you’d like to change and ask any questions about how hypnotherapy (and the way I use it) can help you.

At the current time, because of the coronavirus situation, Free Discovery Sessions take place over the phone or online.

unlocking your potential

Breaking free from your past and unlocking your potential

My aim is to help you not only solve your everyday problems but to infuse your life with passion and purpose. You’re not here on this planet just to get by, but to become the best human being you can be.

Unlocking your potential involves the development of skills and resources to help you achieve peak performance. None of us are constantly operating at 100% of our potential; we know that there is more to learn and that we have more to give.

I’ll teach you powerful self-hypnosis techniques to ‘get in the zone’ and be the best version of yourself, whenever you want or need to be.

Soul consciousness and personal evolution

Life feels much more fulfilling and satisfying when you discover a deep sense of meaning and purpose – that there is a reason for your existence!

Once free of limiting beliefs and old conditioning, you experience what might be called a ‘gravitational shift’. You start living from ‘soul consciousness’ as opposed to ‘ego consciousness’.

You feel more kind, compassionate, more loving, empathic and altruistic to everyone and everything.

And this ‘inner shift’ frees you to connect up to a larger reality where genuine and direct mystical experiences can occur, such as the phenomenon of ‘Oneness’ or Unity Consciousness.

Listen and learn at home

There’s a huge selection of recorded hypnosis sessions to get you started right away, along with my recommended ‘Care Package’ to help you deal with COVID-19.

If you’re like me and have an interest in self-development and personal study, you might be interested in these online courses in subjects ranging from self-esteem, social anxiety, assertiveness, insecurity in relationships, stopping smoking, and more.

I’ve recently added a self-help section where you can read a growing library of articles from my 20 years’ experience in the field of hypnotherapy and personal transformation.

And remember, I’m now offering online therapy sessions so you can still make positive changes during the lockdown!

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