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Fees and Payments

The Discovery Session I'm offering for a limited time is completely FREE. It gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have and see whether hypnosis could help you solve your problem. Please note, I do not use hypnosis during the Discovery Session.

 If you then decide to book therapy with me the fees are as follows...

All first hypnotherapy sessions with me last 90 minutes and cost £70. This gives us plenty of time to discuss your issue(s) of concern in more detail and establish the goals of therapy. It is during the first session that I will be able to make an assessment about the most suitable type of therapy to help you achieve what it is you want. If there is time you will experience hypnosis during the first session. Most clients prefer to pay by cash or cheque at the end of each session but if you like you can pay for your first session in advance via Paypal now and I will contact you so we can arrange a time and date for your appointment.



Thereafter, the usual session duration and fees are as follows:

Hypno/Psychotherapy/Mind-Coaching (1 hour 15 mins) £60
Depending on your issue of concern and your goals,  this will involve a combination of solution-focused therapy or transpersonal therapy, whatever is deemed most helpful to your wants and needs. I tailor my approach to you as a unique individual.
Pay in advance now.


Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching for Children
I work with kids over 10 years of age and each session lasts 1 hour. I usually have a parent sit in during the session (children's issues usually involve family dynamics also)
Pay in advance now.

Personal Evolution sessions 
Have a recap here about what you'll get from these intensive, focused, longer sessions which are perfect if you're travelling some distance to see me or if you want to make change happen faster.

2 and a half hour's Personal Evolution costs £135

4 hours Personal Evolution costs £200


Stop Smoking Therapy (quit smoking in a single session) £250 
Yes, if you really want to quit the habit I can help you in just one session of hypnosis. The average 20-a-day smoker now spends over £3500 each and every year on cigarettes. For a fraction of this I'll give you 3 hours of my stop-smoking expertise, a comprehensive e-book to help you stay free for good, an accompanying hypnosis download to keep you on track as a non-smoker, on-going email support and a booster session with me any time (should you need it) within a year of your session. Book your place now by calling me on 0845 450 2326 or emailing me 

Please note: stop smoking sessions require you to make a £100 deposit before your session. This shows your level of commitment, so necessary when quitting smoking. I only work with people who are serious about making changes.  
You can make your £100 deposit below by clicking on the Paypal button or by popping into one of my offices with either a cheque or cash. Once I have received your deposit the date for your stop smoking session will be confirmed via telephone or email and I will also send you information to begin preparing your mind for freedom, even before you come to see me.  




All Past Life Regression sessions last 2 hours and cost £95. These sessions are digitally recorded for you to keep. You can pay now via Paypal and I will contact you to arrange a time for your Past Life session


Group Past Life Regression £25 per person (plus my travel expenses to your group location)
Call or email me for more details if you belong to a spiritual development group and would like to find out more.
If you are on benefits the fees are as follows...
First hypnotherapy session (90 minutes) £55

And thereafter...
Hypno/Transpersonal Therapy (1 hour 15 mins) £45

Stop Smoking Therapy (a single 3 hour session) £220

Past Life Regression Therapy (2 hours) £80

If you're not sure whether any benefit you are on qualifies for my concessionary rates just ask me.

If you are a student I can help you with all aspects of study, exam preparation and performance. Hypnosis enables you to deal with exam nerves and perform at your best. Each session lasts 1 hour and my special student rate is just £40 per hour.
Let me help you get the results you want!


Skype Psychotherapy/Mind-Coaching sessions last 1 hour and cost £50 per session.
(Please note, I do not use hypnosis in Skype sessions  as the connection can sometimes be unreliable and, for hypnotherapy to be most effective I need to be able to see subtle body language cues which are easily missed on Skype.) Book your Skype session via Paypal now and I will email you shortly to agree a time to suit us both.


Professional Mentoring for newly-qualified Hypnotherapists
My new service where I can share with you over fifteen years and thousands of hours of client experience to help you develop the skills you need to best serve your own clients. If you're feeling confused or overwhelmed or just need some professional advice I'm here to help you. 
Sessions can be done in person or via Skype and last 1 hour at a cost of £70 per session.


If you have any questions remember the FREE DISCOVERY SESSION

Please note: cancellation of appointments - with no exceptions - require 48 hours notice otherwise a full session fee is charged. This will be added to the cost of your next session or invoiced to you.

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