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Getting Your Emotional Needs Met:
The First Step to Healing and Wholeness
As human beings we are born with physical and emotional needs. We are all aware of our physical needs; food, water, clothing, shelter etc. but Human Givens psychology, founded by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell makes it clear that it's when our emotional needs go unmet that we start to experience psychological disturbances in our lives. When emotional needs are unmet the result is raised stress levels, experienced as anxiety, fear, worry, depression, addictive behaviours, loss of confidence and self-esteem, problems in relationships, loss of meaning, etc.
Thus, as a first step to healing and finding deeper meaning in your life I think it's vitally important to look at your emotional needs by doing an audit on yourself based on how your life is right now. The good news is that nature has been clever enough to provide us with the resources to get those needs met. Once your needs are met in healthier ways your mind-body-soul system feels balanced and you no longer live life purely from your 'ego/survival-self'. It's as if you free up spare capacity to connect to a higher, more refined level of consciousness.
Download the Emotional Needs Audit
to assess your needs right now.
If you have a printer print off a copy and then keep it for future reference.
At human-spirit it is my belief that it helps to address our emotional needs before embarking on the journey into soul-based work. Trying to do 'spiritual' work if you still have a major unresolved trauma or high degrees of stress is extremely difficult and can even be dangerous. This is because when needs are not met or if we have strong emotions running our lives everything is seen from a black and white perspective. Very primitive fight/flight patterns are constantly trying to protect us from perceived danger. We are continually in survival mode. This will effect our self-identity, which needs solid foundations for soul-based work, and can leave us feeling very disconnected from others and the world around us. 
But by getting your emotional needs met and your issues successfully resolved (and thus freeing up spare brain-mind capacity) you will be in a much more favourable position to connect with your Soul. This is analogous to Abraham Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' and the idea that when we get the more basic needs met we move on up to the higher needs, experience 'peak moments' and eventually achieve what he called 'self-actualization'.'s_hierarchy_of_needs
Of course, sometimes 'peak moments' occur when we are well down that hierarchy.  Jung referred to his mental breakdown as a 'breakthrough' and Viktor Frankl found great meaning during his suffering in the Nazi concentration camps. However, it is my belief that we are more likely to experience self-actualization and 'peak moments' if both our physical and emotional needs are already met. This enables us to free ourselves from the confines of our ego/survival-self with all its old habitual patterns and conditioning.
To further explore where you might be with regards to the Hierarchy of Needs and the stages of your own spiritual development have a look at this Pdf...

Thus, if you have identified any emotional needs as unmet and feel you would benefit from professional assistance email me or call 0845 450 2326
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