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Hypno Healing and Energy Psychology
When we come to understand our emotional needs better we can also see which chakras might be out of balance. The chakra system, as I'm sure you know, is an ancient Eastern idea that proposes that energy vortices exist on a 'pranic/etheric' level, most of which are located on various points of the spine.
It has become more apparent to me that, because we are a mind-body-soul system, if our chakras are unbalanced (with the likelihood that our emotional needs are not met) there could very well be a problem with the particular chakra related to that emotional need.
Take for instance the emotional need for security and a sense of belonging. This is related to the root chakra. Problems in intimacy and sexuality are related to the sacral chakra. Self confidence/self-esteem along with personal identity (and therefore sense of status) is often linked to the solar plexus chakra. Problems in love and relationships may indicate an imbalance in the heart chakra. Issues around assertiveness and the ability to express oneself could indicate a blockage in the throat chakra. And on it goes.

I like to view the chakras as states of consciousness and believe that
if we are to evolve and connect up to more refined states of consciousness (and ultimately to God-consciousness) we would do well to be more mindful of this ancient system. It could well be that when an emotional need is unmet a chakra is out of alignment. Indeed, through my work with clients I have often noticed that by combining energy healing with transpersonal therapy good outcomes are achieved and experienced on all levels. It's as if the psychotherapy and chakra work changes things on a mind-body-soul level. One could call it 'Chakra Therapy' or 'Consciousness Therapy'. It seems that when we start to align the lower chakras we free up the kundalini energy to begin raising our consciousness, through the heart chakra and higher. This can eventually lead to 'peak experiences and Oneness' states of consciousness.
In these sessions I use a combination of...
  • Hypno-healing - where I will help you free yourself from negative trances (often rooted in childhood) that still affects the way you are today on physical, emotional, and psychological levels
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that can alleviate or completely remove emotional and physical pain and suffering
  • Meditation and breathing techniques to help you learn to relax deeply and lower stress levels (all pain, be it physical or emotional is made worse when we are under stress)
  • Chakra Healing - using the power of visualization to direct healing energy to areas that need it most
  • Sound Healing - using the healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls, overtone singing, and the power of music.

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