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ypnosis and the REM State
After a powerful personal experience of hypnosis, where it helped remove a problem I'd had for a decade in just two sessions, I knew I had to learn how to practice it in order to help others. Since first qualifying back in 2001 I have helped hundreds of people with all manner of problems such as: stopping smoking, losing weight, boosting confidence and self-esteem, overcoming depression, conquering fears, phobias and panic attacks, improving sex and relationships and lots of other issues that we all experience in life.
One of my intentions has been to take the mystery out of hypnosis because most people have no idea of what hypnosis really is. The best definition I use, and one suggested by Ivan Tyrrell in the video below is that  'hypnosis is any artificial method of accessing the REM state'.  And remember, I use hypnosis to not only help resolve everyday common problems but to also unlock your potential and help you rediscover your true-self.

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What is hypnosis? - A history of hypnosis and trance inductions
The trance state has been used for many thousands of years, but what exactly is hypnosis? Ivan Tyrrell explains that hypnosis is any artificial means of accessing the REM state, and gives many example...
It is my belief that the hypnotic REM state forms the basis of many healing modalities. It is this 'going within' that allows us to re-connect to a) our inner resources to help solve our problems, b) our natural creative potential to help us reframe meanings and see things differently and c) our Soul/Higher Self or connection to God/Spirit. Indeed, all healing - be it psychotherapy, counselling, spiritual healing, meditation, involves the REM state to some degree; they all involve going inwards. And for this reason I believe all people in the caring/healing/therapy professions would improve their efficacy with clients if they learned more about hypnosis and the REM/trance state and how to utilise it. For this reason I run a workshop called 'The Use of Hypnosis and Trance in Psychotherapy and Counselling' specifically for professionals. See my workshops page for more info on this.
So, what we're really doing with hypnosis is using it as a means to access the REM state, which we now know to be nature's optimal learning and re-programming state. Every night we experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep when we dream, the purpose of which is to a) build innate/instinctive templates and b) diffuse the emotional arousals that were not resolved during waking hours.

For more on dreaming and the REM state check out this video of Joe Griffin explaining why we evolved to dream...
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The REAL reason why we evolved to dream
www.why-we-dream.comJoe Griffin explaining the psychology and biology of the expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming. Why do we dream in metaphor? What does dreaming do for us? What would ha...
Thus, we can view hypnotic trance as waking REM sleep. The 90 minute dream cycle continues during waking hours, when our brain switches over to right hemisphere dominance. Hypnosis is an artificial way of accessing this state, helping us access the parts of the brain that govern our instincts and emotions and how we respond to life situations. In other words, by accessing the REM state via hypnosis we can change the way we feel and think about things on a deeper, instinctive, unconscious level
This is why hypnotherapy, when performed correctly by a competent therapist can help people stop smoking in one session, overcome life-long phobias in a matter of minutes and lose weight without dieting. It's because instinctive patterns have changed. You don't have to try not to smoke - you just don't smoke any more. You don't have to try to be confident in certain situations - you just are. You don't have to try not to be frightened of that spider anymore because it no longer bothers you.

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