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Links and Suggested Reading

Here are some links and book titles for suggested reading. Enjoy... the Human Givens Institute. Lots of info about emotional needs and inner resources  the Human Givens course on exploring consciousness info about transpersonal psychology Physicist turned spiritual author Peter Russell's informative site with an excellent meditation course Eckhart Tolle's website with a wealth of spiritual knowledge Psychologist and spiritual author Steve Taylor's website Juliet Bruce's blog with lots of info about the power of story info on consciousness, the Observing Self, and the nature of mystical experiences info about Emotional Freedom Techniques and energy psychology a great site with loads of info about the chakra system Bucke's 1901 masterpiece 'Cosmic Consciousness'
(most of which are available from 
Just copy and paste the title into amazon and I'm sure you'll find it.)
Human Givens - a new approach to emotional health and clear thinking
Godhead - the brain's big bang
Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness - achieving altered states, mystical experiences and spiritual enlightenment
Take Me to Truth - undoing the ego
Waking from Sleep - why awakening experiences occur and how to make them permanent
The Seven Basic Plots - why we tell stories
Finding True Magic - transpersonal hypnotherapy and NLP
Existential Psychotherapy (Irvin Yalom)
Trances People Live - healing approaches in quantum psychology
Quantum Consciousness - the guide to experiencing quantum psychology
Healing the Soul in the Age of the Brain - becoming conscious in an unconscious world
Grail Castle - male myths and mysteries in the Celtic tradition
The Uses of Enchantment - the meaning and importance of fairytales
The Gift of Therapy - reflections on being a therapist
Healing the Wounded God - finding your personal guide on your way to individuation and beyond
Modern Man in Search of a Soul (C.G. Jung)
Man's Search for Meaning (Viktor Frankl)
The Observing Self - mysticism and psychotherapy
My Voice Will Go With You - the teaching tales of Milton H. Erickson
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying  (Sogyal Rinpoche)
Mortally Wounded - stories of soul pain, death and healing
Psyche's Seeds - the 12 sacred principles of soul-based psychology
Iron John - men and masculinity
Inner Work - using dreams and active imagination for personal growth
Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life (James Hollis)
Living Your Unlived Life (Robert A. Johnson)
The Power of Now & A New Earth (both by Eckhart Tolle)
The Unfolding Now (A.H. Almaas)

More book titles will be added soon.
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