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Raising Consciousness:
The Next Step on the Ladder of Human Evolution

"The spiritual implications of hypnosis grow out of man's deepest need, that of wholeness, of At-one-ment, of the re-uniting of all that is separated which belongs together."  Dr Bertha Roger
I'll begin this page with a personal story...
A few months after my son, Isaac, was born I was pushing him in his pram through Colchester one morning. It was just me and him and he was probably asleep. I felt proud to be a dad and was feeling very happy. Then the most amazing thing happened...
I started to look at things entirely differently. I recall looking at a man as we passed and I could feel the love coming from his heart into mine and back again. I heard music blasting out of a passing car (which I would usually disapprove of) but marvelled at the creativity of it; I thought 'someone wrote that, spent time in a studio recording it, and someone invented and designed the stereo on which to play it'. I looked at a lamp-post and thought about how wonderful it is that someone had invented electric lighting to help light the streets at night. I marvelled at the very path I was walking on; 'someone laid this path, how wonderful'. 
The thoughts and feelings intensified until I was immersed in a feeling of love for everyone and everything. I felt totally connected to everything - myself and everyone and everything were 'one' and the only word to describe it was love. Everything in the universe and everyone were 'made' of this same 'stuff' - love. I was in the eternal moment of 'now', immersed in a sea of love, connected to the molecular structure of the universe and everything in it. There was no separation between 'I' and 'That', between myself and other people/objects.
This experience of Oneness is something the mystics have reported throughout millennia. It is a heightened state of consciousness, a moment of Grace. The experience lasted about twenty minutes as I continued my walk up through Castle Park, as if floating on air. The effects continued for two or three more days. I felt more connected and compassionate to other people in my life, more connected to nature and God/Spirit. I felt 'born again'. The memory of it will last a lifetime. 
Now, reductionist scientists might suggest that something in my brain had triggered this experience. A serotonin rush? Well, sure, something must have happened on a chemical level. Maybe it was the unconditional love I felt for my little boy that was projected all around me in all that I heard and saw? Whatever it was, it was something I'd only had glimpses of before, mostly under the influence of mind-altering drugs like LSD and psilocybin. This was the first time such an experience had occurred naturally.
And since then I've tried to figure out why and how it happened. I recall that at the time I was reading three books. 'Jesus - Teacher and Healer'  by White Eagle, 'Waking From Sleep'  by Steve Taylor, and 'Take Me to Truth - Undoing the Ego'  by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira (see Suggested Reading page). Maybe a combination of these books/their teachings and my immediate situation helped produce it. Who knows?
I believe that we can all experience these moments - and that it's more than just a chance event or a chemical cocktail. In deep meditation and the REM state you can lose your sense of (ego) self and connect to a 'higher consciousness'. 'Take Me to Truth' supports this idea and was one of the books that influenced me to search for my own truth. And the book 'Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness' by Ronald A. Havens further reiterates ideas about how you can purposefully create heightened states of awareness through using hypnosis.
I believe such altered states of consciousness have a profound healing and therapeautic value to them. We know that one traumatic event can affect a person for a lifetime (until they get the right type of treatment). And in the same way I believe that one experience of Cosmic Consciousness can also affect us for a lifetime, in a powerfully positive way. In effect, the mystical state shifts our awareness out of ego-consciousness and into soul-consciousness: our 'centre of gravity' changes. From this different perspective we see things in new ways. It increases our ability for compassion, tolerance, acceptance, to love and be loved. It's as if the heart chakra gets blown wide open; our personal ego is consumed into the Oneness of all life. Even though the experience may last but a few minutes or even just a few seconds, the memory remains forever, as does the shift in our centre of awareness, from ego to enlightenment.
If you have had similar types of experiences I would love to hear from you as I am doing some research into the phenomena. Please email me and share your story. Or if you would like deep hypnosis to help you open your heart to Cosmic Consciousness book your session now on 0845 450 2326.
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