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Past Life Regression Therapy
Several years ago when I had first qualified in hypnotherapy I had a client who spontaneously regressed into a lifetime in 18th century Japan. He had no interest in the country or that period of time and had no idea where such detailed descriptions could be coming from.
I subsequently decided that I should get some training in Past Life Regression and over the last fifteen years have performed many regressions for individuals and groups. Some people have a deep interest in the subject and already have some notion of previous lives and come to me for clarification. Others are merely curious but open minded enough and book a session just to see what comes up. And, like I said before, some regressions just happen spontaneously, without any conscious intention. It's as if the Soul wants to tell us something - give us a clue about some event or pattern from a previous incarnation.
Indeed, I look for the therapeutic value in Past Life Regression sessions; how can it improve the life you're living now? As reincarnation is a belief held by more than half of the world's population there must be something in it. And it's not just Eastern religions and philosophies but also Western mysticism that speaks of it, such as Gnosticism.
Past Life Regressions can uncover a causal link to current life problems. And it's also likely that certain parts of the regression serve as a metaphor for a current life issue.
it's as if, in order to protect ourselves, the unconscious mind creates a 'story' that says 'bad things didn't happen to me - they happened to someone else (in a previous incarnation)'. The whole thing could be a metaphor for something in this life that is just too painful to deal with directly.
Much like how a dream will metaphorically depict some unresolved emotional arousal from the previous day, it seems Past Life Regressions perform the same function but over whole lifetimes. It's as if unresolved previous lifetime issues are highlighted in the regression that somehow link to a current life issue or pattern.
Remember, the human brain works on the idea of patterns and grouping things together. If you are experiencing a problem in your current life - for which there is no known cause or reason, especially if you have already exhausted other avenues of exploration - Past Life Regression Therapy could hold the key to the missing piece of the jigsaw. Once the 'pattern' of the issue is found (in a previous life) current life issues seem to change too.
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So, whether we work with actual past lives in regression work (and I guess this will never be proven and we won't really know until we die and reincarnate), or whether it's purely metaphorical doesn't matter, as long as some therapeutic benefit is derived from it. Some of the sessions I've performed over the years would make it very hard to believe it's all just made up from someone's imagination. Who would want to imagine the most horrific deaths? If you're making things up you'd imagine good things or at least something pleasant and you'd probably consciously decide to be someone famous from the past.
But from the hundreds of sessions I've done over the years not one person has experienced themselves as anyone remotely well known. No, in previous lives most of us were just 'normal' people, much like we are now. It's just that some business from the past seems to be unfinished and once this is addressed we are then more able to move on in our current lives.
So, if you have unexplained symptoms/recurring problems or if you have an avid interest in past lives or are merely curious email me for more info or call 0845 450 2326 to book a session.
* I also do group Past Life Regression sessions so if you belong to a spiritual self-development group in the Suffolk/Essex area call me for more info/prices.
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