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Personal Evolution - from Ego Consciousness to Soul Consciousness

Human beings are not the finished article!
Evolution is an on-going process and although we may have reached the pinnacle of physicality there is still much to do with the way we use our minds and our consciousness.

Much of our time is spent sleep-walking through life, already hypnotized and conditioned by external or internal forces. Most of us are now enmeshed in a consumer society that might give us a false sense of control and democracy but in reality is becoming ever more tyrannical. As we lose control and autonomy in our lives we become more fearful and angry, an indication that the primitive parts of the brain are running the show. The emotional (ego/survival) centre of the brain results in us responding in very black and white/all-or-nothing terms, no longer able to think clearly or use our wisdom-base.

It seems that at this stage of our evolution we are psychologically stuck; we are very good at going into trance states (fear, anxiety, anger, depression etc.) but have not yet learned so well how to avoid those types of negative trances or how to come out of them quickly.

Much of the work I do in 1-2-1 therapy and in the workshops I run is about helping people to 'wake up', to develop mindful, conscious awareness of their own psychology in order to develop creative ways in how to deal with life situations and challenges. Unless we are 'awake' we respond to certain situations as if on auto-pilot, without any thinking whatsoever, much like a wild beast might do.

Evolution demands that we now take the next step and respond in ways that honour our human potential. We all need to re-assign the ego with all its fears and old conditioning, making him or her servant rather than master. Once we can get our personal psychology right we are in a much better position to have a positive effect on the societies and cultures in which we live. With this in mind, and with the state of the world as it is, we need change and we need it now!

As well as my usual, more traditional hypnotherapy sessions I am now offering intensive Personal Evolution sessions. Rather than see me weekly or fortnightly I can see you in either two and a half hour or four hour intensive sessions. This is ideal if you want to make changes quickly or if you are travelling some distance to see me.

In Personal Evolution sessions the aim is...

  • to address your immediate concerns (fear, anger, relationship problems, addiction, depression, confidence issues etc.) by developing strategies to meet your emotional needs: when emotional needs are met you are not at the mercy of the ego/survival mind
  • to free you from any unresolved negative memories such as abuse, trauma, humiliation, flashbacks etc. We will turn off the pattern-matching process in the mind so that these memories no longer have any emotional affect on you. This is especially powerful if you suffer from PTSD, panic attacks, and phobias
  • to develop your skills and resources to help you overcome current issues or problems: one key aspect here is developing the Observing Self to help you wake up from or avoid negative trance states and old conditioning
  • to find more meaning and purpose in your life: What are you really here to do? How can you best use your time on earth?   
  • to live life more authentically as your True Self, to become who you really are and not live life in a compromised way. The world needs you!
  • to unlock your potential, often buried under years of criticism and so-called failure.
  • to experience a psychological 'gravitational shift', away from the controlling, fear-based ego and toward a more enlightened state of awareness. This, I believe, is the next stage for human evolution and we all have a responsibility to make it happen. First ourselves, then the world!
  • and for some, these sessions will involve re-connecting to something greater than oneself: God, Spirit, Nature, your inner-divinity - what Buddhists might call your 'pure inherent goodness' - the still small voice of your soul that has been yearning for your attention for too long. We need to be spiritualized!

Using a combination of therapeutic skills from hypnosis, storytelling and the use of metaphor, ritual, meditation and mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, visualization and other powerful methods of change, these  Personal Evolution sessions are designed to give you an intensive, focused experience, helping you to address immediate concerns, unlock your potential, find real meaning and purpose in life, and awaken your soul.

Call me now on 0845 450 2326 for more info on Personal Evolution or email me with any questions you might have.

You are here for a reason. Let me help you find it!

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