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I run a series of different theoretical and experiential workshops in Suffolk and Essex. Each workshop is for a whole day, usually running from 10 am until 4.30 pm. Each participant receives a certificate of attendance and workshop notes and light refreshments are provided throughout the day. You can save money on all workshops by booking your place early. Booking is usually via Paypal but if you prefer to pay by cheque please complete the booking form here.



AWAKENING YOUR SOUL - Coming Home to Your True Self
Date: TBA 
With a mix of psychological theory, spiritual philosophy, and psychotherapeutic techniques  we'll explore roles and ego-identities and how these were formed early in life through trance phenomena. We'll look at how to undo the limiting beliefs of the False Self, awaken your soul and prepare you for a connection to a larger consciousness.

SUCCESSFUL SELF-HYPNOSIS - Unlock the power of your mind
Date: to be announced
This theoretical and practical workshop will provide you with a thorough understanding of hypnosis and how to use it for yourself to make successful changes in your life, from boosting self-esteem and confidence, enhancing performance, overcoming old habits, speeding up healing from illness and injuries, improving sleep, learning to relax, and much more.

A workshop for Professionals
Date: to be announced
This workshop is specifically designed for counsellors and psychotherapists who would like to know more about hypnosis and the REM (trance) state and how to a) recognize it as already happening in sessions with clients and b) how to utilize it to help the client make faster changes.
You will learn about hypnotic language patterns, the use of metaphor, and 'waking' hypnosis skills that will improve the efficacy of your work with clients.
The workshop is suitable at whatever stage of your counselling profession, beginner or experienced, and also makes for an excellent day's refreshing if you already have some hypnosis experience. 
More details are on the pdf below.

Letting your heart speak its truth
Date: to be announced
We're all aware of mindfulness these days - the book shelves are full - but in this brand new workshop I want to move away from the mind and get into the heart. What story does your heart want to tell you? When do you feel most 'heartful'? In the workshop we will look at ways to meet your emotional needs which will free up spare capacity to access moments of heartfulness by using a variety of methods (personal narrative, visualization, imagination, hypnosis, and deep relaxation), helping you to rediscover your True Authentic Self and live a life with deeper meaning and heartful compassion. Imagine what difference this would make!

Date: to be announced
A theoretical and experiential day exploring the concept of past lives and reincarnation. You will experience two past life hypnosis sessions on the day and have the time to share your story (if you choose) with the group afterwards. By coming to understand psychological patterns (that can seemingly transcend different lifetimes) it is hoped that what you take from your past life experiences in the workshop can be used to help you in your current life. 
Date: to be announced
A psycho-spiritual workshop, exploring the concepts of Ego and Enlightenment and the journey we must all take to avoid what the Buddha refers to as the perpetual wheel of death and rebirth. We explore ways of developing more awareness of our old (ego) patterns and how to prepare to experience 'Pure Being' through the Observing Self, using meditation, hypnosis, and other liminal and ritualistic methods which can lead to states of cosmic consciousness and, as hinted at in 'Godhead - the brain's big bang', even immortality. It's time to wake up from sleep walking!
Please state your interest by emailing me now and I will add you to my mailing list and let you know the dates and locations of the workshops as soon as they are announced.

Cancellation in writing up to 7 days prior to the workshop date leads to a full refund. No refund will be made thereafter. Human-Spirit reserves the right to postpone and reschedule workshops in exceptional circumstances. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled event you will be given a full credit for a future workshop.
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