The power of story: how personal myths hold you captive or set you free

What is your personal myth? What is the story you live your life by? Is it time for a better life script?

In a personal therapy session several years ago, I became all too aware of the power of story.

I remembered a story my mother had told me as a child. When I recounted this to my therapist, she looked me right in the eyes and said, “Your whole life is in that story…it might be time for a better version!”

I realised there and then that I had to change this ‘inner script’ that had governed my life since I was about 4 years old. So I went away and got to work.

And as the story changed, my life in the real world changed too. I’ll share that story with you in this post; how it had shaped my life and how – by changing it – I was able to break free.

So, let’s dive into the power of story and find out how stories can hold us captive or set us free.

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From midlife crisis to opportunity: how to stay sane when your world falls apart

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Are you going through a midlife crisis? Have you reached a stage in life where you’re beginning to question everything?

Does it feel as if your life is falling apart – or is about to?

From our mid thirties onwards, things begin to change. We start wondering about our career path, our relationships, life itself.

We begin to contemplate the ‘Big Questions of Life’: who am I? What is life all about? What gives my life meaning? Does my life have a purpose? Is this all there is?

In this blog post I’d like to share some of the things that have helped me journey through my middle years.

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The 8 Types of Love – how to find out which one dominates your life

Do you long for passion and romance? Does eroticism play a central part in your relationships? What about the platonic love between friends and companions?

According to the Ancient Greeks, us humans have the capacity to experience 8 different types of love.

In this post I’d like to explore this time-honoured wisdom to help you identify the main types of love in your life. I’ll include links to some of my favourite books on the topic which you might like to research. (1)

Let us delve into the world of passion, romance, and eroticism and figure out which of the 8 types of love dominate your life…


Hypnosis – the glue that makes New Year’s Resolutions stick

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Do you struggle sticking to New Year’s Resolutions? Have you given up even making any resolutions because you’ve always failed in the past? Have you thought about finding out if hypnosis might make all the difference?

Why is it that we start the New Year so fired up, bursting with motivation to take action toward the things we’d like to achieve, only for our enthusiasm to dissipate within a few days (or weeks if we’re lucky)?

In this blog post I’d like to delve a little way into the psychology of goal setting and how hypnosis plays a pivotal role in helping you stick to your intentions – New Year or otherwise.