I like nothing better than to wander around a second-hand bookshop, not knowing what I’m going to find. I nearly always veer toward self-help books or the mind-body-spirit section.

Listed below are some of my all-time favourite books, the real page-turners that I’ll read again and again. I’ll be adding more to this list so check back often. They are mostly in the non-fiction self-help/psychology/spirituality genres.

The links will take you to and if you purchase via the link I’ll get a small commission – at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks in advance if you do!

My Favourite ‘Must Read Before You Die’ Books – click the links to find out more…

The Human Givens – a new approach to emotional health and clear thinking

The Power of Now – a guide to spiritual enlightenment

Trances People Live – healing approaches in quantum psychology

Waking From Sleep – why awakening experiences occur and how to make them permanent

The Leap – the psychology of spiritual awakening

Take Me to Truth – undoing the ego

Anam Cara – spiritual wisdom from the celtic world

Godhead – The Brain’s Big Bang – the explosive origin of creativity, mysticism and mental illness

Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life – how to finally really grow up

The Chimp Paradox – the mind management programme for confidence, success and happiness

Healing the Mind through the Power of Story – the promise of narrative psychiatry

The Body Keeps the Score – mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma

Death of a hero, Birth of a Soul – answering the call of midlife

Staring at the Sun – overcoming the dread of death

The Observing Self – mysticism and psychotherapy

The Naked Now – learning to see as the mystics see

The Way of Paradox – spiritual life as taught by Meister Eckhart

Soul Whispering – the art of awakening shamanic consciousness

The Alchemy of Freedom – the philosopher’s stone and the secrets of existence

The Book of One – the spiritual path of advaita

I Am That – talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Science and Spiritual Practices – reconnecting through direct experience

How to Change Your Mind – the new science of psychedelics

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