As you’ve probably gathered from reading my website and/or free ebook, the use of hypnotherapy – when performed competently – can help you in overcoming a variety of issues.

However, I need to point out that hypnotherapy is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Please be aware that Human-Spirit does not provide medical advice.

Hypnotherapy acts as a complimentary therapy – not an alternative – to professional health care, and advice should always be sought from your GP or other healthcare provider. 

Despite what many people think, hypnotherapy is not a magic wand – although positive changes can be achieved very quickly.

It works best if you are motivated and committed to change by undertaking homework tasks that we agree upon (for example, listening to Hypnosis Downloads that I think would help you make further progress between sessions).

Homework tasks (although not set every session) can be an important part of the therapy process. Not carrying out the tasks might delay the improvements you’re hoping to make.

In other words, hypnotherapy involves commitment on your behalf. I’ll give you 100% of my skills and expertise and I expect you to give the same. We work as a team.

The success of hypnotherapy depends largely on the therapeutic relationship we develop and on your overall motivation to make changes in your life.

What do you want to change – and why? We will explore your motivations during the first session and use these as a catalyst for positive change.

It must be said that, just like with all other treatments and therapies – or even medication you might get from a doctor – there is no guarantee that hypnotherapy will help you make the changes you’re looking for.

However, what I can guarantee is that I will always give you my full attention and use my therapeutic skills purposefully and in the right way to help you move toward your therapy goals, whatever they might be.  

The fact is that everyone is unique and responds differently to hypnosis. Because of this, everyone may experience different levels of success over different timescales and we will use methods to monitor your progress.

Sometimes all that might be needed is one or two sessions, such as with phobias and single-incident-related PTSD.

However, sometimes things might need a more in-depth exploration because other issues have emerged. For instance, a long-standing issue with weight is not so much to do with diets but rather your self-esteem. Or an addiction might be the result of unresolved trauma.

For lasting success, these other issues would probably need to be dealt with as they often ‘drive’ the more obvious problems. Rest assured, hypnotherapy is an effective way to resolve these other issues which are often driven by unconscious processes that we’re not even aware of.

Regarding hypnosis recordings and online courses…

When listening to any Hypnosis Downloads I recommend – either single downloads or as part of a Ten Step course – you should make sure it is safe for you to do so.

You should not listen to hypnosis recordings while driving or operating machinery.

Please seek medical advice first if you suffer from epilepsy or any mental health issue. Deep relaxation – and the suggestions contained within the hypnosis recording – may have adverse effects. However, in the twenty years I’ve been providing hypnosis recordings for clients, not one person has reported adverse side effects.

As always, please get in touch if you have any further questions.

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