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On this page you’ll find out about my hypnotherapy fees and payments so you know what to expect in advance.

This is also the page where you can make payments for sessions via the Paypal button at the bottom. Just tap the ‘making session payments’ in the menu below if you want to make a payment now…

You’ll be pleased to know that despite the cost of living crisis I will not be raising my fees for the foreseeable future. We’re all in this together.

Please note: I’m not one of those therapists who offer a ‘block’ of sessions and expect you to pay hundreds of pounds in advance. What if you don’t need all of the sessions you’ve paid for?

You pay for one session at a time and we will assess your progress together as you work toward your goals. It might well be that a single session is enough for you to make a significant change!

Info about session duration and fees

After a 20 minute Free Discovery/Taster Session (if you choose to have one), all hypno-psychotherapy sessions last 1 hour.

1-hour in-person sessions (at my office in Stowmarket) cost £65 per session.

In-person sessions can be paid for by cash or cheque after the session. If you prefer to pay online this must be done before the session.

1-hour in-person Couples Therapy sessions cost £75 per session. (All Couples sessions are done in-person).

1-hour online sessions (via Zoom or Doxy.me) cost £55 per session.

1 hour telephone psychotherapy/counselling sessions cost £55 per session.

Supervision sessions (for qualified hypnotherapists) are £65 in person or £55 online.

Online sessions are less expensive as I have no room hire fees to pay. They also save you travel time and car parking expenses. Find out more about the benefits of online therapy here.

All online hypnotherapy and supervision sessions must be paid for in advance via Paypal or BACS.

New stop smoking programme

Prior to the pandemic, I used to do a single 3-hour stop smoking session.

I have now broken this up into 3 separate hourly sessions which makes it easier to digest all the information and techniques I will share with you.

It also gives you time to practice the techniques between sessions (which are usually spaced about a week or two apart).

I charge my usual hourly rate for stop smoking sessions so you’ll pay £195 in total for the 3 sessions. (I also offer a free booster session – in case you need it!)

(Please note: the 3 session stop smoking programme is paid for just like other sessions, one payment at a time. Just choose the ‘1 hr hypnotherapy’ option in the menu below.)

If you or someone you know is thinking about kicking the habit please check out my new stop smoking with hypnosis programme and find out what my clients have to say about it.

Nature therapy sessions

Another change since the pandemic is that I have started to offer therapy sessions outside.

Being out in nature is proven to be good for body and mind. I discuss this in detail on my nature therapy page.

Nature Therapy Sessions last between 1 hour 15 mins to 1 hour 20 mins and cost £55 per session (or £45 per session if you are on benefits or retired – see concessions below).

I use a variety of locations in Suffolk (and one in Essex) for nature therapy sessions. So, if you like the great outdoors as much as me, please consider outdoor therapy.

Special offers and concessions

If you’re a student, retired, or are on benefits you’ll get £10 off each hypnotherapy or nature therapy session with me.

So, instead of £65, in-person hypno-psychotherapy sessions at my office will cost £55 per session. Online or telephone sessions will cost you £45.

Nature therapy sessions will cost £45 per session.

My affiliate partners often have special offers on their Hypnosis Downloads and Ten-Step Courses.

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Making session payments

To make a payment for a hypnotherapy session, nature therapy session, or supervision session via Paypal, simply choose the correct session from the drop-down menu below then hit the ‘buy now’ button.

If you prefer to use BACS I will let you know how to do this via email.

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