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There’s so much confusion about hypnosis! That’s why I’ve written a free ebook, ‘What You Need to Know about Hypnosis and Trance‘ to clear up some of the mystery.

In the book I’ll tell you about my 10-year problem that baffled doctors and how hypnosis cured me – in only two sessions.

But far more important than that…

I hope that by reading the book you’ll not only be informed about what hypnosis really is, but also how it can help you, no matter what your problem is or for how long you’ve suffered.

Click the cover below to grab your copy now or read on to find out what’s in the book…

free ebook: what you need to know about hypnosis and trance

Free e-book reveal #1: Find out what hypnosis really is

Hypnosis is full of mystery – but it needn’t be! Even professionals are clueless as to what it really is.

What we’re really talking about with hypnosis is about changing instincts, not just changing the way you think (as in CBT).

It’s no good just trying to think differently if an old emotional pattern from the past is still unresolved.

By changing instinctive patterns, hypnosis freed me from ten years of suffering. See, I’d been told numerous times by doctors, “You’ll just have to live with it.”

I didn’t want to accept that so I went searching for someone – and something – that could help me.

Bottom line is this: hypnosis changes deeper, underlying patterns in the unconscious mind. My ebook explains how that happens.

Free ebook reveal #2: find out how hypnosis cured me of a ten-year problem in just two sessions

So, how did it cure me?

In the ebook I explain how I think hypnosis was able to do in two hours what ten years of GP visits and other therapies couldn’t. I explain exactly what my problem was and the re-programming that occurred in my unconscious mind whilst in trance that freed me from a very old memory pattern.

This is the thing…

Once in the trance state – which is totally natural – your mind is more open and receptive to new ideas and suggestions.

You don’t have to try to think positively: something shifts deeper inside so that you naturally feel better. I explain how hypnosis does this in the ebook.

Free ebook reveal #3: find out why hypnosis is already playing a major part in your life

So, in my ebook you’ll come to know 1) what hypnosis really is and 2) how it cured me of my ten-year issue.

But there’s a third thing we’re going to cover and it’s this…

Hypnosis and trance is already playing a major part in your everyday life.

Unfortunately, like most people I see, you may be an expert in negative self-hypnosis: worry, depression, anger, anxiety, insecurity, guilt, sadness, fear etc. These are all negative trance states.

Nearly everyone I treat is already hypnotized when they first come to see me. My job is to get you out of the trance you’re already in.

Hopefully, my ebook will go some way to help you do that. See it as part of an ‘awakening process’ where you start to free yourself from the trance states you’ve been living for years. Like I did.

The time has come…

Grab your free ebook and get ready for positive changes

free ebook: what you need to know about hypnosis and trance

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