What are your thoughts on AI therapy? Is it any good?

AI therapy has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially among teens and young adults. It’s cheap (sometimes free) and it saves time having to visit a human therapist.

However there are limitations to the effectiveness of AI therapy. Indeed, even the programmes themselves say that the use of an AI app should not replace a real therapist.

Much of the problem with AI stems from the fact that a chatbot can’t read between the lines of your words. It can’t sense or feel what you’re feeling. It can’t ‘hold the space’ like an empathic therapist will. It can’t intuit what you need to start feeling better.

Abstraction from a computer’s database won’t ever replace human intuition, empathy and genuine care.

And an AI chatbot is a million years away from being able to do effective hypnotherapy.

The fact of the matter is that good therapy is underpinned by a therapeutic alliance between you and the therapist. With AI therapy there is no such alliance.

I say much more about the pros and cons of AI therapy here

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