What is a hypnotic deepener?

A hypnotic deepener is simply a means of deepening the client’s trance if it is deemed necessary. (Most change-work can be done in light trance states).

You might be asked to imagine going down a flight of steps and as the therapist counts down from 10 to 1 they might suggest that, “With each number you can relax deeper and deeper.”

Or they might suggest you visualise going down in a lift, watching the numbers on the control panel or simply walking down a path on a glorious carefree day…

“And as I count from 10 down to 1…you can leisurely stroll down that path…taking your time to unwind a little bit more…with every step you take…and with every number I say…letting go…relaxing…deeply…lightly…or somewhere in between…”

A skilled hypnotherapist can deepen a client’s hypnotic state simply by changing their tone of voice and by using gestures.

When the hypnotherapist’s body becomes still and their breathing slows down, this is often mirrored by the client (especially if good rapport has already been established).

And when the delivery of words is slowed down…and the tone of voice deepened…and the volume quietened…it feels rather like being a child again, listening to a bedtime story.

But the thing to remember is that deep trance is usually not required for change to take place. Lighter trances are enough for new ideas to seed themselves in the client’s subconscious mind.

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