What is hypnosis?

The best and simplest definition of hypnosis is a ‘narrowing of focus of attention’. When you become absorbed in something you can be said to be in a hypnotic state.

Think about times when you lose yourself in a good book, film, or whilst scrolling through social media on your phone. Playing a musical instrument, drawing/painting, gardening: these are all examples of when your focus of attention is narrowed.

Daydreaming is a hypnotic state, as is being in a state of reverie.

Strong emotions such as anger and anxiety are also examples of hypnosis. A panic attack is a hypnotic state.

Thus, when your attention is narrowed in some way you enter hypnosis. It’s an everyday occurrence; your attention is always focusing in on something then out again throughout the day. For this reason it could be said that we spend much of our waking hours in some kind of hypnotic trance.

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