What is self-hypnosis?

Self hypnosis simply refers to hypnosis you do yourself. And trust me, you’re already doing it every day!

Think of your little habits and mindless, repetitive thought patterns and behaviours. Many of us operate on autopilot, in some kind of zombie-like trance.

Just sit down in a cafe and watch the people walk by, heads down, engrossed in their phones, locked in a world of their own. This is self-hypnosis.

But there is a more intentional use of self-hypnosis. Instead of the automatic trances that you experience, you can set aside some time each day and purposefully use hypnosis to program your subconscious mind.

You might like to write a script, including a hypnotic induction and deepener, followed by all the suggestions you want to program into your mind. Then you could record this onto your phone – using your best hypnotic voice – then sit back and listen to the recording.

Or to make it easier, you might like to use a professionally written hypnosis script or listen to one of the many hypnosis recordings I recommend

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