Hypno-Psychotherapy, Mind-Coaching and Mentoring

Whether online or in-person, I use a combination of hypno-Psychotherapy, Mind-Coaching and Mentoring to help you make lasting, positive changes. 

My approach fuses brief, short-term solution-focused therapy and more in-depth transpersonal therapy. (Transpersonal simply means ‘beyond the personal’, or what might be called ‘spiritual’).

I can help you in the following three ways depending on where you’re at and what you’d like to achieve from working with me…


If you’re currently suffering from any of the following problems I can help you:

Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, and PTSD

Anger, worry and depression

Sex and relationship issues

Trauma, abuse, negative memories and flashbacks

Loss and bereavement

Lack of confidence or self-esteem

Sleep problems (including nightmares)



Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia

Addictions (drinking, gambling, shopping, porn, screen addiction etc.) 

Please note: I no longer do in-person stop smoking sessions. Instead, check out the online stop smoking hypnosis course.


Hypnosis can help you perform better in work/business, education (school or university), sport and the performing arts (such as music, dance, acting) by helping you get in the zone and be at your best.

I’ll help free yourself from limiting beliefs and self doubt as well as teach you self-hypnosis methods to help you be your best whenever you need to be.

This can help you give better presentations, speak like a pro in public, concentrate and perform better in tests, exams and on-stage.


By freeing yourself from old conditioning and limiting beliefs, you can awaken your soul – the Real You. It’s a bit like installing new software so that you operate from ‘soul consciousness’ as opposed to ‘ego consciousness’.

You’re then in a much more favourable position to connect up to a larger model of reality and experience moments of Oneness.

This is often referred to as God, Spirit, Nature, the Tao, the Great Mystery, the Source. Having such a connection can provide your life with a deeper and richer meaning and purpose.

Symptomatic trances and how to break free

All of the above symptoms I mentioned (stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addiction etc.) are all trance states, states of locked attention. I explain more about this in my free e-book.

My approach may be a little different compared to your more traditional hypnotherapist. Everyone I see is already hypnotised by their problem. My job is not to so much to hypnotise you but to get you out of the trance you are already in and become the master of your own psychology.

By using hypno-psychotherapy, mind-coaching and mentoring, I will help you gain the psychological understanding and know-how to manage your emotional well-being and feel so much more in control of your life.

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Take the first step to freedom

If you’re ready to solve your problems, unlock your potential, or awaken your soul get in touch with me now.

Remember, there’s a Free Discovery Session waiting for you to begin the process of transformation.

And if you’d like to know more about my approach and how hypnosis cured my ten-year problem – in just two sessions – get your free ebook now.

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