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In order for you to solve your problems I’m curious as to whether you’ve tried hypnosis before? See, it made all the difference to me, after 10-years of struggling.

Maybe, like I used to, you feel frustrated at times, even bordering on despair.. You’ve tried this, that and the other to get to the bottom of things and sort this issue out.

Maybe you’ve taken medication from the doctor, tried counselling, CBT, Mindfulness, Psychoanalysis, attended wellbeing classes or gone on de-toxes and spiritual retreats, all to no avail.

Is hypnotherapy your last hope?

Maybe hypnotherapy feels like your last hope? Or perhaps you’ve already visited a hypnotherapist and still not solved the problem?

Well, let me reassure you that all hypnotherapists work in different ways. Yes, we’re all trained in the basics, but we all develop our own styles and unique ways of working.

So, I want you to know that there is hope! No matter if your problem has existed for just a few weeks, or has gone on for months or even decades, things can change.

A 70-year problem solved

C.C. from near Stowmarket – who had a severe fear of heights – sent me this lovely review that shows, no matter how long you’ve had your problem, things can change beyond all recognition…

I went to see Gavin as I had suffered from vertigo in quite a disabling way for 70 years. We had 5 or 6 sessions…and with very little preparation at home I set off for a visit to Ethiopia. I was astonished…It has been almost impossible to accept that my mind-set could be so changed after so many years.

Read the full testimonial and others like it here

That review reinforces my belief that we all have an inner drive for health and wellbeing. Just as a cut finger or broken bone heals itself, you have an inner intelligence that can help you solve your problems.

Over the last two decades I’ve regularly helped people just like you to…

  • Stop smoking and beat addictions (such as gambling, drinking, porn, screen addiction, compulsive shopping etc.)
  • Conquer fears, phobias, panic attacks and PTSD
  • Manage stress, worry and depression
  • Heal sex and relationship issues
  • Get control of OCD
  • Banish nightmares and improve sleep
  • Control pain and suffering
  • Eliminate blushing
  • Overcome negative memories, such as abuse and other traumas

The list goes on.

If you’ve not done so already find out more about hypnosis and trance and how it works in my free ebook where I’ll share with you how hypnosis cured my ten-year problem in just two sessions.

You’ll learn more about my particular approach of combining hypnosis with tried and trusted techniques in psychotherapy, with the added benefit of mind-coaching and mentoring to help you use your brain better.

Or if you are keen to get started straight away call me on 07921 331707 or email me to book your Free Discovery Session and find out how I can help you solve your problems.

solve your problems and break free with hypnotherapy

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