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Are you interested in developing your skills to unlock your potential?

Do you feel that you’re at the peak of your game or that the best is yet to come?

Have you reached the pinnacle of your career or are you hungry for more learning and progress?

The thing is that hypnotherapy is not used just for eliminating bad habits like smoking and nail biting. Nor is it used just to endlessly explore your childhood, like in psychoanalysis. Far from it…

On this page we’ll explore how hypnosis can be used to help you unlock your potential which will enable you to become the best version of yourself.

Let me tell you how this works…

Moving on from mediocrity

The truth is that most of us are not operating at 100% of our potential. Many of us fall far short of that.

Sure, you might have peak experiences every so often when things go surprisingly well, but for the most part you’re operating in third or fourth gear.

Knowing, or even just contemplating, that there might be a fifth or even sixth gear within yourself is the first step to moving beyond mediocrity.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?

Marianne Williamson

When you know – and can see – that life continually offers you opportunities for growth, understanding and development, you begin the process of shining your own light.

There is always more to learn about yourself and the great mystery of life.

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise…

Creating spare capacity

The thing is that until we’ve resolved our core psycho-emotional problems, it’s difficult for us to be the best versions of ourselves. This is because so much mental energy is used in keeping old patterns in place. We are held back, our confidence is low, we shy away from opportunities.

I’m talking about long-standing fears, anxieties, phobias, memories of abuse, PTSD, OCD, addictive behaviours and the like, the roots of which may go way back.

These problems keep you locked in a negative trance state. There’s no way you can be at your best if you’re still held captive by old memories that might be decades old.

But the good news is that once these types of issues have been properly addressed – which is what I’ll help you to do – you free up spare capacity.

Simply put, when you lay your history to rest, your brain can work better because it’s now free to learn new things, develop new skills, and unlock your potential.

Mind-Coaching and Mentoring

Alongside my use of hypnosis, I also use mind-coaching and mentoring to help you perform better at work or in business, in education, sport, public speaking and the performing arts.

Knowing how to use your brain better can make a world of difference to your performance in the office, on the field, or on stage.

As a musician myself, having gigged since my early 20s, I know what it’s like to perform in front of hundreds of people.

And I also know – only too well – how stress can ruin your performance and enjoyment of a gig! There were many occasions that involved frequent trips to the loo before going on stage!

Luckily, after a friend lent me a self-hypnosis cassette tape – yes, this is going back to 1990 – I started to conquer my nervousness. I suppose this was my first introduction to the transformative power of hypnosis.

The thing is that using hypnosis gives us access to the REM state – nature’s optimal programming state – so that you’re able to embed improved ways of performing deep into your subconscious mind.

And then, when you’re in the situation for real, the new programming kicks into gear and you’re in the groove.

Conquer nerves and perform at your best

So nowadays, using a variety of psychological methods – with the added benefit of hypnosis – I can help you master any nervousness or stress you might have and perform at your best, whether that’s with music, acting, or dance.

How about giving better, more confident presentations? And how good will it feel when you conquer exam or test anxieties, perform at your best, and get the results you’re looking for?

One of the major benefits you’ll get from working with me is that I’ll teach you powerful self-hypnosis techniques to help you get in the zone and perform at your best.

Become the hero of your life

Some people believe that life owes them something. I believe it’s the other way round…

What do you owe life?

What is life asking of you now?

Are opportunities knocking at your door, waiting for you to answer?

In what way is life itself encouraging or challenging you to grow and evolve? Have you reached the point where you can’t put it off any longer?

The door is ready to be opened. It’s time to take a heroic leap and jump through.

It’s time to take action and show the world what you can be! Life demands it, otherwise, you’re back to mediocrity. And life is far too short for that.

unlock your potential

If you’re interested in finding out more about how my approach can help unlock your potential, download your free ebook or call me 07921 331707 or email me now.

It will be a privilege to help you be your best.

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