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As an affiliate of Hypnosis Downloads you can download recorded hypnosis sessions by clicking the links below.

Listed here are Hypnosis Download’s Top Ten as well as my chosen Download of the Week.

I’ve used these products myself and I highly recommend them. I also did some training with Mark Tyrrell – co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads – years ago when I attended his seminar on effective counselling in Essex.

There are hundreds of titles to choose from, which can serve as stand-alone hypnosis sessions or as boosters that you can listen to in between your therapy sessions with me. And with each download you purchase I’ll get a small commission – at no extra cost to yourself – for which I am very grateful. 

My Hypnosis Download of the Week  is – DEVELOP SELF-DISCIPLINE

Hypnosis Download’s Top Ten is below or you might like to search the whole library from the search box at the foot of this page to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Hypnosis Download’s Top Ten

End Negative Thinking
Stop negative thinking once and for all.

Public Speaking Fear
Conquer your fear of public speaking.

Motivate Yourself to Exercise
Motivate yourself to exercise more.

Get Rid of Fear & Anxiety
Enjoy every day with less anxiety and more comfort.

Even More Confidence
Increase your confidence in minutes!

Thin Thinking
Think thin and become more slim.

Reduce Shyness
Reduce Shyness Forever.

Super Slimmer
Become super slim.

Self Esteem
Overcome your low self esteem.

Improve Your Focus
Greatly improve your focus.

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