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As an affiliate of Hypnosis Downloads and eHypnosis, I’m delighted to showcase some of the best hypnosis recordings available online.

As we continue to manage the COVID-19 situation I’ve put together a ‘Care Package’ of 7 Hypnosis Downloads that can help you deal with any lasting effects of the pandemic.

Three of these are free downloads!

I’ve tried several of these myself and can vouch for their quality. Read on to find out how hypnosis boosted my immune system…

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7 Hypnosis Recordings to Conquer COVID-19

#1 – Stop touching your face free download

Let’s start with the free download. You can head over to Hypnosis Downloads right now and get this for nothing.

The fact is that we touch our faces alot (scientists have studied this) and it’s one of the worst things we can do because the virus finds its way in via the mouth, eyes, or nose.

Your hands need to be part of your defence system, keeping intruders at bay.

This free download uses hypnosis to help you become consciously aware of what your hands are doing so that you can control them.

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#2 – Strengthen your immune system

In the fight against any infection you need to know that your immune system is working at its best.

Scientific research shows that using hypnosis and relaxation techniques to combat stress and anxiety does actually boost the immune system and that the more you practice, the stronger the immune system becomes.

I’ve used this download myself because I used to get 4 or 5 colds, one after the other, all through the winter months. Now I might just get the odd sniffle. My immune system kicks in at the first sign of threat and the danger is averted.

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#3 – Calm your fears with 7-11 breathing

When worries, fears and anxieties take over, you need to know how to relax the ‘survival brain’.

During these very uncertain times we all need to know how to manage strong emotions. Unfortunately, this wasn’t taught in school – but it’s never too late to learn!

7-11 breathing is a technique that quickly calms your stress levels and, in so doing, boosts the immune system as well as helping you to think more clearly and logically.

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#4 – Improve your sleep

If you’re spending your days worrying about things there’s a good chance the quality of your sleep will be affected. There is a clear link between worry, dreaming, and depression.

Not only that but, because of the current virus lockdown, we’re simply not going out as much as usual. The lack of exercise and fresh air can also have a negative impact on sleep.

This hypnosis download will help you retrain your brain to sleep like a child all over again. And you know how much better you feel when you’ve had a good night’s sleep!

More energy, able to focus, concentrate, think positively, and perform better.

woman asleep in bed

#5 – Deal with isolation and loneliness

The government’s advice about staying indoors is the best way to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19 and probably should have been implemented before now.

However, the psychological impacts of this ‘lockdown’ can be devastating. Not being able to see family and friends can wreak havoc on your mental wellbeing.

Loneliness and social isolation raises stress levels, which, in turn, compromises the immune system, the last thing you want when fighting off a potential killer infection.

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#6 – Keep Calm and Carry On – develop calm resilience – free download

In the face of challenges or adversity we need a certain mind-set to help us and our loved ones through the crisis.

This free hypnosis download changes the way you deal with adversity at a subconscious level, helping you to feel calmer and adapt more easily to changing circumstances.

It will also help you to regain a sense of control over the things you can change – and acceptance for those you can’t.

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#7 – Relax wearing PPE – free download

With the virus here to stay for a while we’ve all taken to wearing masks. Indeed, it’s becoming mandatory, but many of us feel uncomfortable doing so.

I for one struggle to breathe properly, feel claustrophobic – and my glasses steam up!

It’s even worse if you’re a keyworker having to wear the full kit where you might feel restricted and unable to communicate as effectively.

This free download will help you tune out the discomfort and help you focus on the task at hand – helping others – whether you’re a keyworker or shop assistant.

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I really hope you remain well as the virus situation continues!

The downloads in this ‘Care Package’ can play a big part in keeping you physically and mentally healthy so please click the links to find out more.

Hypnosis Downloads offer a 90-day money back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose!

I like to be honest and say that, as an affiliate, with each download you purchase I’ll get a small commission – at no extra cost to yourself – for which I am truly grateful. 

My full Affiliate Policy Disclosure can be read here

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