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If you’re looking for in-person hypnotherapy in Stowmarket, this page will tell you more about my approach and the three different ways I can help you…

To my way of thinking, therapy should never just be about solving problems. It should also help you unlock your potential and create a real sense of meaning in your life.

Let’s look more closely at the 3 ways my approach can help you make significant changes and feel so much better about yourself and your life…


Most emotional and psychological problems can be alleviated – or completely eliminated – with the right therapeutic approach. And when it comes to solving many emotional/psychological problems, brief, solution focused therapy is proving to be one of the best approaches.

Rather than drag you through the mire of your history (like psychodynamic therapy) it’s about staying focused on more immediate concerns in your life now and going forward.

And combined with hypnotic techniques, solution focused therapy can result in even faster changes. (Remember, by using hypnosis we’re changing instincts, not just thought processes as in CBT).

If you’re currently suffering from any of the following problems, solution focused hypnotherapy can help you.


Hypnotherapy can help you perform better in work and business, education (school or university), sport and the performing arts (such as music, dance, acting) by helping you get in the zone and be at your best.

I’ll help free yourself from limiting beliefs and self doubt as well as teach you self-hypnosis methods to help you be your best.

By unlocking your potential you can…


Freeing yourself from old conditioning and limiting beliefs is a bit like rebooting your system. It’s as if you’ve installed new software so that you operate from ‘soul consciousness’ as opposed to ‘ego-survival consciousness’, rooted in your history.

You might refer to this type of therapy as ‘spiritual hypnotherapy’.

When you awaken your soul you…

  • Feel free from the past and any negative conditioning
  • Act and speak with authenticity, as the Real You
  • Feel more empathic, loving, and compassionate to yourself and others
  • Feel more in control of your mind (no longer bullied around by the ego)
  • Have a strong sense that your life is meaningful and that you have a purpose on this earth
  • Feel more connected to a bigger reality by expanding your consciousness. This increases your chances of having direct mystical experiences – often referred to as God, The Universe, Nature, Great Spirit, the Tao, the Source of All That Is etc.

You’re already hypnotised! Let me help you break free…

My approach may be a little different compared to your more traditional hypnotherapist. Everyone I see is already hypnotised by their problem. We are all culturally conditioned.

All of the above symptoms I mentioned (stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addiction etc.) are all trance states – states of locked attention. I explain more about this in my free e-book.

My job is not to so much to hypnotise you but to get you out of the negative trances that are already dominating your life.

By using a mixture of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, mind-coaching and mentoring, I will help you gain the psychological understanding and know-how to manage your emotional well-being and create a more authentic life for yourself, free from the limitations of the past.

Take the first step to freedom…

If you’re ready to solve your problems, unlock your potential, or awaken your soul get in touch with me now and book your first in-person hypnotherapy session.

Remember, there’s a Free Discovery Session waiting for you to begin the process of transformation.

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Google Map of Human Spirit Hypnotherapy

To easily find me, here’s a Google Map showing the location of my office at The Green Room in Stowmarket.

If you’re driving, come off Gipping Way and park in one of the public car parks on Union Street West. The Green Room is situated within a small courtyard called Old Tannery Square, opposite Pure Gym.

Alternatively, if you live some distance away, find out how I could help you with online hypnotherapy.

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