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As well as helping you solve your problems and unlock your potential, the third (and perhaps most important) way I can help you is to awaken your soul.

This is about rediscovering a real sense of meaning and purpose in your life, living more authentically, and expanding your consciousness away from the limited perceptions of past programming so that you can connect up to a bigger reality.

On this page I’ll share my ideas about what this really means and how – once your soul is awakened – your life can feel enriched and deeply meaningful.

awaken your soul with spiritual hypnotherapy
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Waking up in a secular world

Since the so-called ‘age of enlightenment’ of the 18th century, our cultural and personal beliefs have been progressively shaped by science and left-brained analytical reasoning.

Iain McGilchrist writes beautifully about this in his book, The Master and His Emissary. We’ve become too left-brained, too logical, too reductionist. We’ve lost connection to what it means to be truly human.

the master and his emissary by Iain McGilchrist

My whole website and how I work as a therapist, attempts to merge both our humanity and our divinity. We are more than just our physical bodies. We are more than just our minds.

There is something deeper at the very core of our being, beyond body and mind, and it’s what the poets and philosophers throughout millennia have referred to as the soul.

Connecting up to a bigger reality

Once you start to awaken your soul by firstly addressing your emotional and spiritual needs, you are more likely to experience what I call a ‘gravitational shift’.

Your centre of gravity, your ‘ground of being’ is moved away from the ‘commanding self’ of ego-consciousness, and instead you live in – and through – soul-consciousness.

True spirituality is about refining and expanding patterns of perception. This is how we grow, develop, and evolve.

As you refine patterns of perception you are able to see a bigger reality and connect up to what might be the biggest pattern there is, often referred to as ‘God’.

Now, I’m not talking about traditional religionists’ views of God. My view of ‘God’ is more along the lines taken by the mystics over several millennia…

God is not a thing, not a being, not a noun. God is a ‘state‘. It is a ‘felt-experience’ – the most profound experience you can ever have as a human being. It would be more accurate to call it GodConsciousness – a state of non-duality.

Buddhists call it enlightenment. It is a state of ‘pure’ consciousness – a ‘virgin’ state of ‘no-mind’ – where everything is felt as one. There is no duality; no subject and object, no me and you; all things become One Thing.

Physicists have been telling us for decades that everything in the universe is attempting to get back to this singularity. Humans are no exception.

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The mystical state – where base metal turns into real gold

Alchemists of old pretended to be working with metals. They had to hide their real intentions for fear of being burned at the stake but what they were really doing was experimenting with human consciousness.

Turning base metal into real gold is about personal alchemy – changing ego consciousness into soul/God consciousness.

My own experience of oneness – which happened spontaneously – was published in Steve Taylor’s book Spiritual Science – why science needs spirituality to make sense of the world.

For twenty minutes, as I pushed my two-month-old son through town in his pram, I became one with All That Is. Every object, every person, every sound, every thing – including myself – became one thing. No duality, no separation.

Time stopped in this ‘mystical state’. (I only know it lasted for about twenty minutes because I’ve since retraced the route I took on that day).

I had somehow stepped out of clock time and entered eternity. Everything that existed – past or future – existed in the perfect moment of now.

Advaita Vedanta – the science of non-duality

It was only years later as I struggled to make sense of the experience – which remains to this day the most profound experience of my life – that I stumbled upon Advaita Vedanta – the Hindu spiritual philosophy of non-duality.

Advaita means ‘not two’ and the experience of it is something that the mystics, poets and artists have been trying to portray throughout the ages. But their words and images – however beautiful – can’t truly convey the experience.

Immediately after my own experience I felt born again. Something had been re-set in me, re-booted if you like.

I felt more altruistic, more empathic, more compassionate to everyone and everything. I became more tolerant, more accepting, more loving and joyous.

My ‘centre of gravity’ had shifted into soul consciousness, or, in the words of the 14th century mystic, Meister Eckhart, the Holy Spirit had been birthed in my soul.

Soul manifesting and God consciousness

The only other time I’d come anywhere close to a state of oneness was through the use of psychedelics in my twenties. The word, ‘psychedelic’ after all, means soul manifesting (not mind manifesting, as we’ve been led to believe; there is a difference).

Indeed, it seems as if we all possess an ‘enlightenment drive‘, to use the term from spiritual teacher A.H. Almaas.

Something is trying to be birthed in us, whether we’re aware of it or not. We’re all yearning for something that brings a deeper meaning to our lives and a connection to something beyond ourselves.

Maybe there is a divine plan after all, despite what the materialistic scientists have told us over the last 300 years.

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Waking up and the REM state

Rather than hoping for a spontaneous spiritual awakening like mine, one of the key tools to develop is your Observing Self. This gives you the ability to control your attention mechanism, rather than being buffeted around by emotional reactions.

Then you can direct your attention more purposefully and use hypnosis and the REM state from a higher level of consciousness.

The REM state is the state in which we dream at night but we also know now that this occurs during waking hours. Is is our primary programming state and is the state where emotional, mental and spiritual healing and transformation takes place.

I believe that awakening your soul is the next step on the evolutionary ladder. It is what life ultimately demands of us all.

It is in the REM state that you can refine and expand patterns of perception, enabling you to break free from the past, expand your consciousness, and live life more authentically as your True-Self. And this is what spiritual hypnotherapy aims to do.

If you’d like to work with me to awaken your soul you can find out more in a Free Online Discovery Session or read my recent interview in Mystic Mag – an online magazine for spiritual and psychic development.

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