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If you need help to solve your problems – be they emotional, psychological or even physical – solution-focused therapy could be the key to your recovery. And with the added benefit of hypnosis, change can happen much sooner than you think.

This approach helped cure my 10-year problem in only 2 sessions (which prompted me to train to be a hypnotherapist myself).

On this page we’re going to look at several emotional and psychological issues that I’ve helped people resolve over the years such as…

  • Stress, burnout, and overwhelm – work stress, relationship stress: how hypnosis can help
  • Trauma and PTSD – including memories of abuse, flashbacks, nightmares, and phobias
  • Panic Attacks – the best ways to turn off the survival brain when it’s not needed
  • Fear of Flying – how hypnosis can help you conquer your fears and fly with confidence
  • Social anxiety – how and why hypnosis can help you feel calmer and more confident when socialising
  • Jealousy and insecurity – stop destroying your relationships with the help of hypnotic re-programming
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – how to beat the OCD bully and regain control of your thoughts
  • Self-esteem – how hypnosis can help you start feeling better about yourself
  • Overcome shyness – feel more comfortable around other people and join in with conversations
  • Improve your sleep – start sleeping better with the help of deep, hypnotic relaxation
  • Physical pain – alleviate physical pain and emotional suffering with hypno healing

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How solution focused hypnotherapy can help you solve your problems

Before hypnosis cured me of my 10-year problem, I had been told to ‘learn to live with it’ by GPs and specialists. However, I wasn’t prepared to do that.

The feelings of anger, frustration and sometimes depression (for which Prozac was no help) prompted me to seek alternative treatments. I jumped from therapist to therapist in the hope that one of them had a magic wand.

Perhaps you’ve tried several different ways to find a cure for your own maladies, such as medication from your GP, counselling, CBT, mindfulness, NLP, dream analysis, or even old-school psychoanalysis, all to no avail.

Or maybe you’ve attended wellbeing classes or gone on detoxes and spiritual retreats, without any lasting success. All is not lost.

In my free ebook I tell the full story about how hypnosis help me. I reveal what my problem was and how hypnosis cured me in just a couple of hours of therapy.


free ebook about how hypnosis works and how it can help you solve your problems

But how does hypnosis work, I hear you ask? What makes it different to any other type of therapy, such as counselling?

As I’ve experienced several different types of counselling as well as hypnotherapy (and am trained in both) I feel qualified to give you an answer…

How hypnotherapy is different to talking therapies

One thing I’d like to point out here is that all hypnotherapists work in different ways.

So, even if you’ve visited a hypnotherapist before and not got the results you wanted, we all have different ways of working. (Of course, we’re all trained in the basics, but we all develop our own styles and unique ways of working).

The variety of different counselling and psychotherapy sessions I had (before trying hypnosis) gave me some insights and understanding about my problem. But ultimately, they didn’t provide the cure I was so desperately seeking.

So how did hypnosis succeed when other therapies had failed?

Well, this is the key thing…

Hypnosis taps into the REM state where you have better access to unconscious programming – programming that might have been laid down years ago.

So, rather than just talking about things or trying to change your thought patterns – as in counselling and CBT – using hypnosis gets to the heart of the matter.

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A 70-year problem solved by hypnotherapy

Take this story from one of my clients as an example…

C.C. from near Stowmarket – who had a severe fear of heights from the age of four when his father dangled him over a 3-storey balcony for being naughty – sent me this lovely testimonial.

It shows that no matter how long you’ve had your problem, things can change beyond all recognition…

I went to see Gavin as I had suffered from vertigo in quite a disabling way for 70 years. We had 5 or 6 sessions…and with very little preparation at home I set off for a visit to Ethiopia. I was astonished…It has been almost impossible to accept that my mind-set could be so changed after so many years.

Read the full testimonial and others like it here

That story reinforces my belief that we all have an inner drive for health and wellbeing. Just as a cut finger or broken bone heals itself, you have an inner intelligence that can help you solve your problems.

Hypnosis is the key that unlocks the door to that intelligence.

Old fears are banished, old habits broken. Anxieties are conquered. Self-confidence and self-esteem is boosted. The gloom of depression lifts.

Over the last two decades I’ve regularly helped people just like you to…

Find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you solve your problems…

If you’ve not done so already, find out more about hypnosis and trance and how it works in my free ebook or my FAQ page.

You’ll learn more about my solution-focused approach, combining hypnosis with tried and trusted techniques in psychotherapy, with the added benefit of mind-coaching and mentoring to help you use your brain better.

Or click the links on this page or in the self-help section to find out more.

If you are keen to get started straight away call me on 07921 331707 or email me to book your Free Discovery Session and find out how I can help you solve your problems and get your life back on track.

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