Professional Mentoring

If you’re newly qualified as a hypnotherapist it can feel really daunting to begin with. There you are, sitting in front of a client for the first time and what do you do? 

Your training will (or should) have equipped you with a thorough understanding of hypnosis and its therapeutic application but when faced with a real client (rather than practising on someone in your class) you may find yourself wondering how the hell you’re going to help the person sitting in front of you.

Where do I begin? What should I do first? What shall I say when they are hypnotised? What ‘techniques’ should I use? 

As a hypnotherapist any on-going supervision you are required to have will mostly focus on individual client cases, whereas my mentoring service is more about you and how you are with clients.

How you are in the room with your client makes a huge difference to the therapeutic outcome.

This is why I now offer my near twenty years’ experience in the field of hypnotherapy to mentor newly qualified therapists, giving you the psychological tools that your training may have lacked. 

Professional Mentoring will help you to…

Quickly develop rapport with all your clients

Develop a safe and trusting ‘containing’ space

Master hypnotic language to create an expectation of change in the client, even before you see them!

Exhibit trust and self-confidence so that your clients believe in you and your skills as a professional facilitator of change

Assess your own expectations for the work you do with each client

Work with transference and counter-transference to see how the therapeutic relationship pattern-matches to the client’s (and your own!) earlier relationships

Be mindful of HOW you are with the client. Your ‘being-ness’ matters as the client will consciously and unconsciously pick-up on your ‘energy’

How to work with your own trances in the session with clients

And, if your training involved reading scripts, how to move beyond them and work spontaneously with the client in the moment (because reading scripts is not – and should not be – the cornerstone of hypnotic change-work)

With these skills you will feel so much more confident as a therapist and consequently achieve better client outcomes, resulting in more referrals for you. Remember, the best advertisement for your practice is satisfied clients

So, if you’re newly qualified as a hypnotherapist and feeling a bit confused, uncertain, or overwhelmed give me a call on 0845 450 2326 or email me and we can chat about my Professional Mentoring Service. I’d be honoured to help you become the best hypnotherapist you can be.