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Do you have a passion for self-development and personal evolution? The online courses on this page all include the use of hypnosis, helping you to change the way you feel, think, and act in the world.

All courses include 10 separate hypnosis downloads and a comprehensive 100 page PDF work-book to help you track your learning and progress over time. And all come with a 90-day money back guarantee so you can try each course risk-free.

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10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset

This is a great online course to increase your desire, focus, and motivation if you have a vision or goal in mind.

This is beyond the Law of Attraction – beyond mere wishful thinking – and programs your mind to take action for stellar success.

It harnesses the power of hypnosis and your imagination to motivate and discipline yourself to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Ideal for personal and professional goal-setting to help keep you focused and on track right through to the finish line.

10 Steps to Overcoming Insecurity in a Relationship

If you suffer from jealousy, worry, and insecurity – as I used to do, really badly – this course could save your relationship – and your sanity.

You’ll learn how to stop your imagination playing tricks on you and ground yourself in the real world, rather than fantasy.

And you’ll also start trusting your partner more, strengthening the relationship so that you’ll remain calm and confident, no matter who your partner is speaking to!

10 Steps to Absolute Assertiveness

Many people I’ve seen over the years don’t know how to assert themselves; they live a life of self-betrayal, going against their own best wishes.

Their own voice is quashed, hidden beneath layers of shame, lack of confidence, and shyness. Being quiet and not speaking one’s truth has become the norm.

This course can help you change all that. In both your personal and professional lives, you can feel so much more assertive and let your truth be heard – at last!

10 Steps to Solid Self-Esteem

If your self-esteem is low and you always feel down about yourself and/or your abilities this course could change your life.

It will help you not only free yourself from the limiting beliefs about yourself but equip you with a new mindset for the future and boost your personal identity.

You have a place in this world and a reason for being here…

10 Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety

Anxiety, panic, social phobia, and shyness are all addressed in this 10-Step course.

With the world having been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, levels of anxiety – including social anxiety – have rocketed.

If you’d like to feel more comfortable and confident amongst colleagues, friends and even strangers now that the world is returning to some kind of normal, then this is the course for you.

10 Steps to Overcome Negativity

We all know how draining it is to be around negative people. Pessimism can drag you right the way down.

Negative moods, always seeing the worst in people and situations – including yourself – can lead to worry and depression.

You can end up sabotaging yourself, based on negative expectations.

But you weren’t born like this and, thankfully, this course aims to address the imbalance, creating space for optimism to return.

10 Steps to Becoming a Non-Smoker

The 10 hypnosis downloads included in this stop smoking course will change your beliefs about smoking at an unconscious level so that your associations to smoking are drastically altered. Cravings and desires melt away, almost as if you had never smoked in your entire life.

Listen to the hypnosis sessions, work through the accompanying ebook, and free yourself from the tyranny of smoking.

If you’d prefer 1-2-1- sessions rather than an online course check out my stop smoking with hypnosis programme

10 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking

They say it’s one of the worst fears or phobias – having to speak in front of a group of people.

Best Man’s speeches at weddings, presentations at work, public announcements, whatever, can send shivers down your spine!

Until now…

Let hypnosis sort out those old fears so that you can speak with supreme confidence and hold the audience’s attention in the palm of your hand!

10 Steps to Be Naturally Attractive to Women

As a teenager and young man I lacked confidence when it came to women. I was too shy to even speak to them.

Then someone lent me an old hypnosis cassette tape (remember those?) and I started to feel more confident with people in general, amongst men – and women.

This hypnosis course can be seen as an updated version of that, helping you to bring out the best in yourself and understand the psychology of male-female attraction.

Bonus Course: The Self-Confidence Trainer

I was crippled by a lack of self-confidence right through my teens and into early adulthood. It wasn’t until a friend lent me an old cassette (remember those?) called ‘Incredible Self Confidence’ way back in the early 90s that things started to change. It was my first taste of the power of hypnosis.

This course takes things to the next level. The Self-Confidence Trainer will programme your mind to become a confident ‘explorer of life’, willing to try new things and venture into unknown territory.

It’s time to let your light shine!

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