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As an affiliate of Uncommon Knowledge, I am promoting their excellent online self-development 10-step courses.

Each course comes with 10 hypnosis downloads and a detailed workbook to help with your learning and progress. I’ve done several of these myself and highly recommend them.

Listed below are some of my favourites. Click on the links to get full details about each course. 

Ten Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset 

This is a great course to increase your desire, focus, and motivation if you have a vision or goal in mind. This is beyond the Law of Attraction, beyond mere wishful thinking and programs your mind for stellar success.

Ten Steps to Overcoming Insecurity in a Relationship

If you suffer from jealousy, worry, and insecurity this course could save your relationship – and your sanity! 

Ten Steps to Absolute Assertiveness

Many people I’ve seen over the years don’t know how to assert themselves; they live a life of self-betrayal, going against their own best wishes. This course can help you change that.

Ten Steps to Solid Self-Esteem

If you lack self-belief and always feel down about yourself and/or your abilities this course could change your life. It will help you not only free yourself from the limiting beliefs about the past but equip you with a new mindset for the future and boost your personal identity.

Ten Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety

Anxiety, panic, social phobia, and shyness are all addressed in this Ten-Step course. If you’d like to feel more comfortable and confident amongst, colleagues, friends and even strangers then this is the course for you.

Ten Steps to Overcome Negativity

Always the pessimist? We need to be realistic in life most of the time but this can spiral into negativity and cynicism if we’re not careful. This course can help raise your expectations and turn pessimism into optimism. 

Ten Steps to Becoming a Non-Smoker

If you can’t get to me in person for my 3 hour stop smoking session this course is the next best thing. If you’re ready to quit the habit and free yourself from the tyranny of the tobacco industry then click the link and sign up now.

More Uncommon Knowledge ‘Ten Step’ courses can be found here 

As I said above, these courses and Hypnosis Downloads are products I have tried myself and I think they are fantastic. And with a 90-day money-back guarantee there’s no risk involved.

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