Ten Steps to Solid Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence were major factors in me enrolling in a psychology course back in my 20s. I wanted to know how my mind worked.

See, I’d never been one of the popular kids in school. I didn’t belong in the top classes, wasn’t part of any gang, was usually one of the last picked for football teams. You know the score.

You start wondering, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ or create denigrating running commentaries that say, “I’ll never be any good at this.” Of course, this type of introspection can lead to depression, but that’s another story.

Ten Steps to Solid Self-Esteem will help you address some of the early causes of low self-esteem and help you to feel so much better about who you are as a person today.

The confusing early years

I’d had a good up-bringing, so it didn’t make any sense that self-doubt was accompanying me through my teenage years and into adulthood. I was insecure in relationships – with girls in particular – and one of my mantras at the time questioned whether I was ‘good enough’.

That was until I was first introduced to hypnosis. A friend saw how nervous I was as we headed back to her place and she lent me a cassette tape – remember those? – called ‘Incredible Self-Confidence’. I listened to it a few times and felt something changing in me.

From self-doubt to self-esteem

In a few weeks the nervousness was replaced by an inner calm, which my friend noted. I was so impressed that I bought my own copy – which I still have to this day – and soon enrolled in a psychology course at college.

This personal experience was my introduction to the power of hypnosis. My confidence continued to grow as I tried new things, gained new skills, and felt a real sense of competence and achievement.

The consequence of that, of course, was that my self-esteem was vastly improved. I finally started to feel good about who I was as a human being.

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Ten Steps to Solid Self Esteem will help you begin to develop resources and real self-worth. It includes 10 different hypnosis downloads, all related to self-esteem and confidence, along with a workbook to track your progress over the weeks.

As with all Uncommon Knowledge courses, the emphasis is on taking your time. When I do these ten-step courses, I listen to one of the hypnosis downloads every day for a week and work through the accompanying section of the workbook. This helps you to track your progress as you notice real evidence that things are changing.

So, you could see each course as lasting ten weeks. Ten weeks that could change how you’ve been feeling all your life!

Treating people with low self-esteem is a daily thing for me. But if you can’t get to me in person for one-to-one hypnotherapy or Skype sessions, this online course is the next best thing.

Click here to go directly to the Uncommon Knowledge site for more info and prepare for your self-esteem to be solidified!

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