Ten Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety

You know the situation all too well…

You’re at a party amongst a group of people who all appear to be having a fantastic time. Stories and laughs are being told and shared and everyone is happy and smiling.

All except you.

The fact is you did bloody well to get here. Your pulse is racing, you’re sweating, going red, you can’t think straight let alone talk to anyone. Indeed, talking is out of the question! You keep looking at your watch or phone, wondering when this will all end.

Ten Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety will help you feel so much more relaxed and confident amongst people so that the old fears become a thing of the past.

Talking of the past…

The roots of social anxiety

More than once I left a party because I simply didn’t know how to connect to anyone in the room. I would feel like an outsider and on one occasion I ended up speeding away and leaving my partner there. Not surprisingly, we separated soon after.

How did it get like this, I wonder? Where are the roots of social anxiety?

As babies we come into the world freely expressing our needs, making a din whenever we need attention. But as we grow up something goes awry with this natural expression with other people.

Perhaps we witness the ineptitude of our parents in social gatherings? Perhaps they model clumsy social interaction and bad communication. They show no social graces or etiquette.

Perhaps bad stuff happened in social situations, such as arguments and fights? Perhaps you were embarrassed or humiliated by something you said or did?

Memory patterns in the brain

You see, at whatever stage in life – especially in our formative years – emotional memory patterns form a blueprint in the brain. They serve as reference points that the brain pattern-matches to.

This means that, even years later, a family get-together or a party can trigger old emotions that really belong way back in your history. In effect, social anxiety is a trance state that is keeping you rooted to the past. You respond as if you were ten years old, all over again.

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Freeing you from your history

If you’re not able to get to me for one-to-one work to release you from old memories holding you captive, this ten-step course is the next best thing.

In it, you’ll start the process of freeing yourself from whatever happened back then and build up a set of skills to help you feel much more comfortable in all social situations.

By using hypnosis, you can learn to make eye contact and small talk become second nature.

You can learn to speak calmly and confidently, connecting up with at least one person through meaningful, engaging conversation. Just imagine the difference this would make…

No more fear of social get-togethers!

My own social anxieties faded as I changed my old memory patterns through hypnosis. Nowadays, I can take it or leave it.

Whereas I used to stand in the corner alone, trying to avoid interaction and not knowing how to join in, these days I don’t care. I can join in if I choose or I can happily enjoy being alone in the corner. It makes no difference. Sometimes watching others is fun! 

Find out more about Ten Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety here and if you enrol please let me know how you’re getting on.

Or go back to my online courses page to find out about assertiveness, self-esteem, success, overcoming insecurity in relationships – and more.

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