Ten Steps to Stellar Success

What does success mean to you? And how will you know when you’ve achieved it? These may be simple questions but your answers may not be so easy to clarify.

Are we referring to business success? Relationship success? Sporting success?

In this article we’ll be looking at what it takes to achieve real success and why hypnosis plays a vital role.

The law of attraction

We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction and how, with the right thoughts we are supposed to manifest whatever it is we desire.

The idea is simple enough…

Think about what it is you want. Maybe recite some affirmations whilst looking at yourself in the mirror or write down your goals. Repeat over and over and hope that some kind of universal energy will send things your way.

But there’s something lacking in all of this. It smacks of fairy godmother stuff to me. If it were that simple surely we’d all be millionaires by now?

Ok, I don’t want to turn this into a rant or poo-poo the idea. I’m sure there are many people the world over who live by ‘the law of attraction‘.

Rhonda Byrne sold millions of copies of her book, The Secret, after all. Indeed, I had my own copy until I gave it away to a charity shop. And ‘Think and Grow Rich‘, first published in the 1930s, still sells by the shed load.

The thing is, there is some truth in it; the brain really does try to bring about what you focus on the most. But that’s where the idea falls short.

Ten Steps to Stellar Success looks at what we really need to do to become successful, and it’s far more than just positive thinking.

Using your emotions for success

The truth is that you can’t just think your way to success because the brain does a whole load of processing before you ever get to conscious thinking.

If you’ve been brought up poor and that, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” – one of the mantras I was programmed with – simply trying to change your thinking will only ever scratch the surface.

You might get glimpses of success before the old belief kicks in and you’re back to square one; any money that comes your way soon disappears.

You see, the human brain works on patterns of expectation. And expectations are driven by emotions – not thoughts.

If old programming and limiting beliefs are still running the show in the background of your mind, no amount of positive thinking will override it.

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better,” just won’t cut the mustard.

We have to tap into the power of your emotional expectations to create lasting success and this is where hypnosis comes in.

Changing unconscious patterns

To make real moves toward the successful achievement of your goals – whatever they might be –  you first have to detach yourself from any negative beliefs from the past and then develop a new set of expectations.

This is best done through hypnotic techniques that stimulate the transformative power of the REM state.

The REM state is nature’s most optimal re-programming state, more of which I talk about in my free e-book. Basically, what we’re talking about here is changing instincts.

Instead of changing only your thoughts, with hypnosis you change fundamental belief structures and emotional expectations deep in your mind.

This is what Ten Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset will help you to do.

Each of the ten steps includes a powerful hypnosis session to get you in the zone for success. It involves more than just your thought processes, actually engaging the expectation highway in your brain along with the intelligent use of your emotions to propel you toward your goals.

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Creating space to allow success in

By freeing yourself from limiting patterns, you create spare brain capacity and can start to entertain the possibility that, “Maybe I can do it!”

By ramping up your motivation and using your imagination in a positive way – which is far more powerful than mere thinking – you take the necessary actions that result in real achievements.

And with a comprehensive workbook to accompany your progress you have all you need on this course to help you really manifest your desires.

What does success mean to you? What would it look and feel like?

Get more info about Ten Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset direct from Uncommon Knowledge and enrol here.

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