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Coronavirus has certainly changed the way I work and online hypnotherapy sessions now make up about 80% of all the sessions I do.

Online sessions are proving to be very effective and most of my clients report getting the same benefits as they would from in-person sessions.

So, if you’re interested in online hypnotherapy – and you live some distance away from me – let’s look at how it works…

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About online hypnotherapy sessions

Online hypnotherapy is, of course, a little different to sessions at my offices…

The main difference is that I will mostly only be able to see your face. (Some of the work I do means reading your whole body language, which is not so easy via a screen).

I may also use less formal hypnotic techniques and will, instead, do more psychotherapy/counselling and mind-coaching. There will, however, still be eyes-closed work as we utilise one of your most powerful resources – the imagination.

As the client, you’ll need to ensure that you won’t be disturbed for an hour by anyone at home, such as kids or pets. The focus needs to be on the screen!

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The benefits of online hypnotherapy…

Let’s just list some of the benefits of online therapy…

#1 There are no travel expenses for you – or car parking tickets

#2 There is more time-flexibility to see me: rather than having to stick to Mondays to see me in Stowmarket, I can see you online anytime between 10am and 7pm, Tuesday to Friday

#3 You’ll save travel time and won’t have to arrange child care

#4 We can do online therapy even if you live miles away from me, as long as you have a good internet connection

#5 My online sessions are £10 cheaper than face-to-face sessions (see below)

#6 And you can even do this in your pyjamas!

Seriously though, as you can see, there are some major benefits to online therapy and to get you started I suggest we set up a free taster session…

online therapy session - patient and doctor looking at their laptop screens

Free 20 minute online therapy ‘taster session’

The free 20 minute ‘taster’ is a chance to see if you like online therapy. It’s an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with how it works and get a feel for working online with me.

Then, if you’d like to proceed I will send you further info about how to get the most from online sessions and a consent policy you will need to agree to.

Please note: online therapy is not for everyone and I will use my professional experience in gauging your suitability. Details about this and other online protocols, along with the consent policy, will be sent to you via email if you would like to book a full session after your 20-minute taster.

Three platforms for online sessions

I use three platforms for online therapy and before we book a session we’ll need to agree which one works best for you.

Most people are now familiar with Zoom. If you’ve not tried it yet, you’ll need an account (the free one is perfect for online sessions) and the connection and video quality is usually good.

My second choice is You don’t need an account with this. Once we’ve set up your appointment time, click human spirit online therapy or the link below to enter my waiting room. Simple.

My third choice is WhatsApp. The security on this is not as good as the other two platforms and it has to be used on mobile (which can mean a shaky screen if you have to hold your phone all through the session). However, if this is your choice we can use it.

Fees and payments

If, after the free taster, you would like to book a full online session, sessions last 1 hour and cost £55.

Payment for online therapy is required in advance of the session. You can make online payments here.

Each session will involve a combination of mind-coaching, hypno-psychotherapy/counselling, and mentoring, much like face-to-face sessions.

With online therapy you can enjoy the benefits of my near twenty years’ experience in the field of hypno-psychotherapy in the comfort of your own home, saving you both travel time and money.

woman with cup of tea sitting at laptop getting ready for online therapy sessions

Find out more about online therapy and the way I use hypnosis by booking your 20 minute Free Discovery Session.

And as we continue through these uncertain times, check out the Covid care-package I’ve put together. This consists of 10 hypnosis downloads to help boost your immunity, improve your sleep, deal with any anxiety related to coronavirus and more.

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