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If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or hypnotherapist and you want to take your therapy skills to the next level, it pays to get the best online hypnosis training.

With hypnosis, we change things at an instinctive/subconscious level, not just at the level of thinking. Once instincts are changed, it is so much easier for your clients to change the way they think, feel and behave.

The courses on this page are perfect if you are a counsellor or psychotherapist who wants to know more about hypnosis. Or, if you are already a qualified hypnotherapist, these courses will provide you with more vital skills and competences in the use of hypnosis.

All the courses listed below are certified for professional development and because they are online you can do them in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

online hypnosis training courses for CPD
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Just to say that all of these online hypnosis training courses have been created by the people who trained me, so I can vouch for their quality. I liked them so much I became an affiliate and will earn a commission – at no extra cost to yourself – if you buy a course through the links on this page. I thank you in advance for any purchases you make. (My full affiliate product disclosure can be read here)

To note: some of the courses only open for enrolment periodically throughout the year. The best thing to do is to hit the red buttons below, read about the course and register your interest. Then you’ll be informed about when the course is open for enrolment.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #1 – Uncommon Hypnotherapy

If you’re ready to leave the hypnosis scripts behind and develop real skills in conversational hypnosis, this is the course for you.

In Uncommon Hypnotherapy, you’ll become fluent in indirect conversational hypnosis and master ‘Ericksonian’ hypnotic language patterns.

This makes hypnotherapy much more natural and is a great way to bypass client resistance.

This is where hypnotherapy becomes an art form (compared to the ‘painting by numbers’ script approach).

Mastering conversational hypnotherapy means that you never have to rely on a script again and can, instead, work spontaneously with whatever is happening in the room.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #2 – Precision Hypnosis

Take your confidence as a hypnotherapist even further by mastering the art of persuasion and advanced hypnotic skills with Precision Hypnosis.

Ask yourself this: Would you like to be able to confidently elicit hypnotic phenomena such as arm catalepsy? What about hand levitation, time distortion and amnesia? What about rapid and deep trance states?

And how would you like to be able to hypnotise your clients just by using body language and tone of voice?

Precision Hypnosis will teach you how to master hypnotic skills so that you become a compelling and persuasive communicator, helping all your clients get the positive outcomes they are looking for.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #3 – The Rewind Technique

As a therapist you’ll always have a steady stream of clients who need help with traumas they have experienced.

The Rewind Technique is proving to be the most successful way to treat trauma. (1)

Original Image: Nik Shuliahin

One of the reasons it works so well is that it is non-intrusive: as a therapist using the Rewind Technique, you don’t need to ask your traumatised clients about their terrifying memories (which often makes things worse).

Instead, you can de-traumatise the memories with this specialised technique that works for PTSD, flashbacks, abusive memories, accidents, nightmares, phobias, panic attacks, OCD, and more. And remember, unresolved trauma is often a major factor for people with addictions, so you’ll be able to help them as well.

I’d go as far to say that the Rewind Technique is an essential technique to add to your therapist’s toolkit.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #4 – Conversational Reframing

Reframing is central to therapy in order to help clients change their often negative bias. But it takes a certain skill to do it in such a way that the reframe really resonates with your client’s inner mind. This is what Conversational Reframing is about.

It shows you how to help your clients break free from the prison of negativity and see things in a different light but not just on a conscious level.

By using hypnotic techniques, the reframe is assimilated on an unconscious/emotional level. That’s where the real change takes place.

When you sign up to this course you’ll also get a free ebook called ‘New Ways of Seeing‘ which further supports your reframing skills.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #5 – How to Stop Anyone Smoking

If you’re a hypnotherapist like me, there will always be a steady stream of people wanting your help to quit smoking.

In my early days, I would mostly rely on a hypnosis script but How to Stop Anyone Smoking gave me an entirely new approach. It changed smoking cessation sessions into something I enjoyed, rather than being a battle with the client’s subconscious mind.

If you aren’t 100% confident yet in treating people who ask for your help in quitting smoking, then this course will give you a new found enthusiasm to help free your clients from the tyranny of smoking – and perhaps even save their lives.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #6 – How to Lift Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is another common complaint from the people you’ll treat as a hypnotherapist or counsellor.

This online course gives you deep psychological insights into what’s really going on with low self-esteem – and how to start lifting it.

It will explain why self-esteem issues can’t be tackled purely by cognitive reasoning and how to work with the emotional brain in order to make a real difference.

When your clients can free themselves from negative conditioning – with your help – and you see that first smile, you know things are changing. And the client does too.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #7 – How to Lift Depression Fast

Knowing how to lift depression fast in your clients can protect you from the same trance they are in!

Seriously, if you’re not careful as a therapist you’ll get sucked into the client’s woes. Beginning therapists are vulnerable to this, no matter the extent of your training.

How to Life Depression Fast is a solution-focused, structured approach to quickly shift the client’s mindset. In effect, it de-hypnotises them out of the cycle of depression, free of the negative bias of the emotional brain with all its worries and ruminations.

Not only that, but the course will help you to help your clients gain the understanding and ‘mental skills’ needed to prevent depressive relapses.

Online Hypnosis Training Course #8 – Uncommon Psychotherapy

If you’re not yet a qualified hypnotherapist but are trained in psychotherapy and counselling, you might be interested in Uncommon Knowledge’s approach to psychotherapy.

Uncommon Psychotherapy removes the jargon and dogma of so many approaches to therapy (such as Freudian psychoanalysis or psychodynamic counselling) and gets to the heart of what it really takes to help create lasting changes in your clients.

This course is now delivered as part of Uncommon Practitioners TV with over 100 hours of training videos with real clients and is an 8-part certified professional development course.

If you have any questions about any of these courses please email me and I can provide you with more details. Or, alternatively, just hit the red buttons to find out more and register your interest. Then you’ll be informed directly about when the courses are open for enrolment.

Not ready to do a whole course just yet? Get free weekly therapy tips into your inbox instead and get a free ebook about the art of reframing.

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