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If you’re just starting out as a hypnotherapist, using scripts for hypnosis can be an enormous help. On this page there are over 600 Ericksonian-style hypnosis scripts that cover just about every problem or condition you’re ever likely to encounter as a hypnotherapist.

Of course, with experience you’ll move beyond scripts but until then using a script for the hypnosis part of a session can give you extra confidence and help you come across as competent with each and every client you treat.

Not only that but by using a script you’ll learn to recognise hypnotic language patterns that will, in time, become second nature.

Go straight to the hypnosis scripts library below or read on to find out more about what’s included in the scripts and why I used them in my early days…

over 600 hypnosis scripts to boost your hypnotic confidence with all your clients
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Why use scripts for hypnosis?

I still remember the nervousness I felt in my early sessions with clients some twenty years ago. I always made sure I had a few techniques up my sleeve and a script or two close to hand, just in case.

The thing is that nerves can get the better of anyone, interfering with our ability to perform competently. As a hypnotherapist you want to look as though you know what you’re doing!

This helps build trust in the client – one of the cornerstones of a healthy therapeutic relationship, without which good outcomes are unlikely.

So, whether it’s a hypnosis script to stop smoking, lose weight, boost confidence, overcome depression or stop nail biting (to name but a few) the scripts here will give you some reassurance in your early days as a hypnotherapist.

And even if you have years of experience, a script can still be helpful sometimes. Perhaps you feel stuck with a client and need a new idea? A script could give you that. Or perhaps you have a new client with a problem you’ve never encountered before? A script could prove invaluable.

over 600 scripts for hypnosis to help you develop hypnotic confidence with all your clients

Why these hypnosis scripts are different

You might have seen elsewhere on the ‘net hypnosis scripts that are free to download. Although these might have some use they don’t highlight the subtleties of voice inflections, pauses, embedded commands etc. that make all the difference to the quality of hypnosis you’re creating in your client.

And many of these free scripts use old ‘authoritarian’ language: “You are getting sleepy…you are going into trance…” You get the idea.

The hypnosis scripts on this page use ‘Ericksonian’ conversational, permissive language as opposed to the old school, authoritarian approaches.

Permissive language patterns help the client feel more in control and offer them choices rather than being told directly what to do. Most of your clients will prefer this approach.

So, instead of, “You will go into a trance,” use permissive suggestions such as, “I don’t know whether you’ll go into a deep trance...or a light trance…or somewhere in between…or just how soon that will happen…sooner or later…” (I’ve emphasised the indirect commands in bold).

Of course, as well as the embedded commands, these hypnosis scripts use many other hypnotic language patterns, such as presuppositions, illusion of choice and double binds.

What’s included in the hypnosis scripts?

All the scripts for hypnosis in this library include a pre-hypnosis ‘chat’ that sets the tone and expectation for what is to follow. Each script is formatted for rhythm, speed, and emphasis.

Every script comes in PDF format, making it easy for you to print off and then amend to suit your individual clients.

Download a FREE sample script

In time, hypnotic language will become second nature but until then get the scripts you think you’ll use the most to help you master the nuances of hypnotic communication.

Just to say that scripts should not be read verbatim but should be adapted to the client you’re working with, making what you say personal to them.

Each hypnosis script contains…

  • Ample space where you can write down your own ideas, notes, and adaptations to suit each particular client
  • Clear instructions for speed delivery – starting off at a normal pace and gradually slowing down to a more ‘hypnotic voice’
  • Markers that indicate where you should pause and be silent for a while, allowing the client’s unconscious to process what you’ve been saying
  • Highlighted sentences, words, and phrases that serve as embedded commands or post hypnotic suggestions
  • And all scripts are written with Ericksonian-style, ‘permissive’ language patterns

SCRIPTS FOR HYPNOSIS – over 600 hypnosis scripts to help you learn hypnotic language and confidently treat every client you see

The list below contains over 600 hypnosis scripts covering just about any condition or problem a client will come to you with. Please take your time to browse through the whole list.

Here’s a little tip: Have your client in mind as you look through the list; it’s uncanny how YOUR unconscious can be drawn to the perfect script for that client.

Ready to move beyond hypnosis scripts?

If you’re ready to put the scripts aside and develop more advanced hypnotherapeutic language skills, check out the online hypnosis training courses from the people who trained me.

There are courses in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, conversational reframing, how to lift depression and low self-esteem, and a course about the Rewind technique to help clients with trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, and phobias.

As an affiliate to the company that produces these hypnosis scripts and courses, I will earn a small commission if you purchase a script or course via the links in this Therapist Resources section – at no extra cost to yourself. My full Affiliate Product Disclosure Document can be read here.

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