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If you’re paying for a service like hypnotherapy you’ll want to read reviews and testimonials from other people who have used it.

Below are some personal accounts – emailed to me or written in a good old-fashioned letter – from genuine clients who have given me permission to tell their stories.

I’ve divided these testimonials into four separate categories so it’s easier to find the stories that might be relevant to you.

Let’s start with something hypnotherapy is renowned for…

Testimonials for stopping smoking with hypnosis

I’ve helped many people stop smoking with hypnosis over the years.

Way back in 1992 The New Scientist magazine reported their research into the largest ever study of stop smoking methods. Hypnosis proved to be the best way to quit the habit.

The reason is that habits and addictions are controlled by the subconscious part of the mind. A subconscious impulse triggers those cravings and urges.

That’s why hypnosis proved to be the best way to break free from smoking because, with hypnosis, we’re actually working with the part of the mind that controls the habit.

Find out more and read the success stories of some of the people I’ve helped quit smoking

Client reviews: what people say about stopping smoking with hypnosis
Original Image: M Azharul Islam

Reviews and testimonials for losing weight with hypnosis

Unlike smoking, eating is natural. But the thing is, we easily develop bad habits.

We habitually choose the wrong foods, eat when we’re not even hungry or – even worse – eat to control our emotions.

Eating when you’re not even hungry is a sure sign that you’re out of kilter with nature. What’s really going on?

When I help people to lose weight and conquer emotional eating we address not just your diet and level of exercise but any emotional and psychological aspects that are often overlooked with traditional weight loss plans.

Hypnosis can help you change bad eating habits and boost your motivation to reach – and maintain – your weight loss goals.

Find out more and read how others have succeeded with my hypnosis weight loss program

hypnosis for weight loss: client reviews and testimonials
Image: Bill Oxford

What people say about overcoming anxiety disorders with hypnotherapy

Panic attacks, phobias, OCD, stress, trauma and PTSD all respond well when hypnotherapy is used correctly. Again, it’s about changing unconscious patterns in the brain rather than just trying to think yourself better.

When brain patterns are changed through the use of hypnosis you no longer respond to trigger situations like you did before.

Phobias are conquered, panic attacks stop, and the nightmare of OCD and PTSD (and other negative memories) comes to an end.

Read some of the stories from the people I’ve helped overcome anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, OCD and PTSD

Reviews and testimonials for self-confidence and performance enhancement

Hypnotherapy should never just be about solving problems; I always love using hypnosis to help unlock someone’s potential too.

We all have untapped skills and abilities and, used in the right way, hypnotherapy can help you access and develop these and then apply them whenever needed.

This can result in you giving more confident presentations and public speaking engagements and enhance your performance in sport or the performing arts.

Read the success stories about boosting confidence, self esteem, and performance levels

reviews and testimonials: how hypnotherapy boosted my confidence
Image: Clark Young

What review or testimonial would you write?

I wonder what you’d write after working with me? What changes would you like to be able to put down in words?

Remember there’s a Free Discovery Session if you’d like to find out how hypnotherapy can help you.

Contact me now to book a session or read more reviews on Google.

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