Self-Help Articles

Here you’ll find various self-help articles I’ve written over the years, some of which I’ve used as ‘handouts’ for my clients. I’ll be publishing more of these over the coming months.

They highlight my approach and some of the ways you can create lasting change and transformation in your life.

I hope you enjoy reading them and putting the ideas into practice.

#1 Zen Breathing – an ancient technique to help calm your emotions

If your emotional brain is causing havoc in your life right now, please take a moment to read this article where I’ll introduce you to an ancient method that has changed the lives of hundreds of people I’ve personally worked with over the years. Read more here

#2 Being fully human- meeting your emotional and spiritual needs

If you’d come to me in my early years as a hypnotherapist, chances are I’d see you to stop smoking, lose weight, break a bad habit, boost your confidence or overcome a phobia.  The focus was on solving your problems and that would be the end of the matter.

But as the years have passed, I’ve realised that treating symptoms is only half the story. Read more here

#3 The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell’s idea of the mono-myth – The Hero’s Journey – helped me enormously in my midlife transition some years ago. It has remained a ‘guiding princicple’ to this day.

This article includes a powerful psychological method to help you become the hero of your own life by answering the call to aventure. Read more here

#4 Oneness – the ultimate healing experience

It might seem a bit strange to read of a hypnotherapist talking about a ‘mystical’ experience.

But what I’ve noticed over the last several years is that my work has become more ‘spiritual’. By that I mean I’m helping more and more people to find a deeper meaning in their lives and connect up to a bigger reality.

What I’m referring to here is expanding your consciousness, to help you out of the narrow perceptions of the ego (our bundles of conditioned responses) and into a more enlightened way of being in the world.

In this article I’ll give you my take on Oneness and tell you about my personal conversion experience. Read more here

I’ll be putting many more self-help articles on here over the next few months as I share my near 20 years’ professional experience in the field of personal transformation and evolution.

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