Solve Your Problems

I can sense your frustration, bordering on despair at times. You’ve tried this, that and the other to get to the bottom of things and sort this issue out.

Maybe you’ve taken medication from the doctor, tried counselling, CBT, Mindfulness, Psychoanalysis, attended well-being classes or gone on detoxes and spiritual retreats, all to no avail.

Maybe hypnotherapy feels like your last resort? Or perhaps you’ve already visited a hypnotherapist and still not solved the problem?

Well, let me reassure you that all hypnotherapists work in different ways. Yes, we’re all trained in the basics, but we all develop our own styles and unique ways of working.

So, I want you to know that there is hope! No matter if your problem has existed for a few weeks, months or even decades, things can change.

A 70-year problem solved

C.C. from near Stowmarket – who had a severe fear of heights – sent me this lovely review that shows, no matter how long you’ve had your problem, things can change beyond all recognition…

“I went to see Gavin as I had suffered from vertigo in quite a disabling way for 70 years. We had 5 or 6 sessions…and with very little preparation at home I set off for a visit to Ethiopia. I was astonished…I had my first drive through serious mountains which I could enjoy and look at the view as opposed to clinging on to the seat with whitened knuckles whilst looking fixedly at the floor. I chose to seek out a gorge near a temple I was visiting, which was the equivalent of the Grand Canyon and stood on its edge, looking down 1000 feet to the Blue Nile. This has been the most marvellous improvement in my life that I can remember. It has been almost impossible to accept that my mind-set could be so changed after so many years.”

That review and others like it reinforces my belief that we all have an inner drive for health and wellbeing. Just as a cut finger or broken bone heals itself, you have an inner intelligence that can help you solve your problems.

Over the last two decades I’ve regularly helped people just like you to…

The list goes on.

If you’ve not done so already find out more about hypnosis and trance and how it works in my free e-book where I’ll share with you how hypnosis cured my ten-year problem in just two sessions.

You’ll learn more about my particular approach of combining hypnosis with tried and trusted techniques in psychotherapy, with the added benefit of mind-coaching and mentoring to help you use your brain better.

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