What Is The Best Treatment For Phobias?

What is the best treatment for phobias? If you suffer from fear of flying, are terrified of spiders, or panic at the sight of wasps, cats or dogs, this blog post will help you find the best course of action to take.

There are over 300 recognised different phobias and in this post we’ll look at the best treatment for phobias, from medication to CBT and hypnotherapy.

Find out which is the best way to help you get your phobia under control and start to live a more normal life again…


Hypnosis – The Glue That Makes New Year’s Resolutions Stick

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Do you struggle sticking to New Year’s Resolutions? Have you given up even making any resolutions because you’ve always failed in the past? Have you thought about finding out if hypnosis might make all the difference?

Why is it that we start the New Year so fired up, bursting with motivation to take action toward the things we’d like to achieve, only for our enthusiasm to dissipate within a few days (or weeks if we’re lucky)?

In this blog post I’d like to delve a little way into the psychology of goal setting and how hypnosis plays a pivotal role in helping you stick to your intentions – New Year or otherwise.