The Power of Story: how personal myths hold you captive or can set you free

What is your personal myth? What is the story you live your life by? Is it time for a better life script?

In a personal therapy session several years ago, I became all too aware of the power of story.

I remembered a story my mother had told me as a child. When I recounted this to my therapist, she looked me right in the eyes and said, “Your whole life is in that story…it might be time for a better version!”

I realised there and then that I had to change this ‘inner script’ that had governed my life since I was about 4 years old. So I went away and got to work.

And as the story changed, my life in the real world changed too. I’ll share that story with you in this post; how it had shaped my life and how – by changing it – I was able to break free.

So, let’s dive into the power of story and find out how stories can hold us captive or set us free.