Teenage Mental Health Crisis: How To Get Your Teen Back On Track

Teenage mental health issues have reached crisis point. Anxiety, depression, self-harming, and anger issues have all increased since the pandemic.

Traditional counselling, such as that offered in schools, is failing to make an impact on kids’ wellbeing. There’s been a rise in incidents of school violence, diagnoses of ADHD and autism, and the amount of kids who simply can’t cope with the school system any more.

Indeed, over the last few years I’ve seen a massive spike in the number of kids and teens suffering from anxiety disorders like OCD, panic attacks, and emetophobia (fear of being sick). Not to mention self harm and suicide ideation.

So what can hypnotherapy offer that school counselling or CBT can’t?

In this post we’ll explore the lasting impact the pandemic has had on teenage mental health and what can be done about it. We’ll also look at the emerging evidence that shows the impact of screen addiction and social media on teenage mental health. And we’ll look at ways hypnotherapy can be used to help kids and teens manage anger, anxiety, and depression to help them get their lives back on track.

But first, a personal story…

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